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Kick start your detox

Kick start your detox

Kick start your detox

Kick start your detox. This is bases more on our home detox regime. We are happy to carry out a home detox but for some people this is not always possible. Maybe due to children or family being at home. So it would make more sense to kick start your detox. This is by having it done in one of our detox centres. We can them follow it up but having your rehabilitation done at home when you are more stable. This is now fast becoming a very popular. It is less expensive option for a lot of clients. They may prefer being at home with their loved ones during their rehabilitation. Why not call our team today and discuss your options and availability.

It will make your detox much easier by having your detox completed at a detox unit as you will not be alone.  This normally takes around 7 to 14 days depending on the level of your addiction, and how many substances you may be addicted to. This will then be followed by your home recovery program, being handled in your own home. This is managed by telephone counselling once a day followed by a home visit once a week from one of our Counsellors to gauge your progress.

Kick start your detox – Is it for everyone?

Kick start your detox – A home detox is not always possible for all clients due to their own circumstances, and the level of drugs or alcohol they may be taking, plus their medical condition. Call our team today if you feel this may be of interest to you.

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