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How long in Rehab?

How long in Rehab?

How long in Rehab? drug and alcohol addiction rehab centres

How long in Rehab? This is a question I get asked a lot. The length of time you need to spend in rehab after your drug or alcohol detox. There are several factors which will determine the length of time you will need to spend in a rehab centre, after a drug or alcohol detox. These are as follows:

Does amount of alcohol or drugs you are taking determine the time you need in rehab?

Believe it or not, no. The amount of alcohol or drugs you are taking will not really have a bearing on the amount of time you will need to spend in a rehab centre. This is because the underlying issues, which are making you drink or take drugs, are the same. What I mean by that is, your issues do not change. The amount you drink or take will change over time. So if you catch it your substance abuse early, the issues are the same, but your intake of drugs or alcohol will be less than if you are left to carry on drinking nor talking drugs. So the will not determine the length of time you need in a rehab centre.   

Does the underlying issues determine your time in rehab?

Yes. This is a major factor. If you are drinking or drug taking because you are bored, and your mates do it, then your underlying issues are not going to be as bad as someone who was abused as a child, or sexually assaulted as an adult etc. There is a lot more trauma in these cases, which will need addressing, and will take longer to address.  

Do I need any rehabilitation really? – How long in Rehab?

Yes. I am sure you will want to know what has caused your addiction issues, so you don’t end up back there again. It is a fairly pointless exercise going through a detox to be back where you were a month later. Rehabilitation is a good thing to do. It helps you understand your own issues, and why you have them. 

So how long do I need to spend in a rehabilitation centre?

Most clients will spend a minimum of 28 days in rehab. We do have other clients who will stay for 12 weeks and do secondary care, as they have a long addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you have relapsed, and have spent time in rehab before, you may just want a detox, and 7 to 10 days in a rehab centre to refresh what you have learnt before. 

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