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Low Cost Rehab Centres

low cost rehab centres

Low cost rehab centres. We have several low cost residential rehab centres which are the most affordable in the UK. It is important that cost are kept to a minimum for clients to afford private care. We also have our residential rehab centres situated in easy reach for most clients. 

We have now just released our new 10 days rehab program for drugs or alcohol with includes a tailored medical detox at £3,295 

Residential rehab and detox prices – Drug and alcohol addiction

We respect private care is expensive for most clients, and we do work hard to keep our prices under the main stream prices out there today. We do have our set prices but, every now and then we get great offer prices through, from our centres. Call us now for any current offers. Tel: 06711 696 606

Do I need rehab if I have relapsed – Low cost rehab centres

If you have been to a rehab centre and suddenly find you have relapsed. Why not have a home detox. Firstly it will save you a lot of money, and secondly you have done all the rehabilitation so why go through it all again. It will not have changed! Plus it will be the same medication, the same length of time as you had at the rehab centre. All you really need at this stage is the detox again. Because that is the part which has gone wrong. The cost of a home detox is £1,295 and will last between 7 and 14 days depending on how bad you have relapsed.  It will be supported, safe and comfortable. 

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We have more and more low cost options coming through all the time. So call us now for the latest options available to you. It could make all the difference for your stay. Tel ; 07811 606 606