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Alcohol Detox – Inpatient

Alcohol Detox – Inpatient

Alcohol detox - inpatient(Disclaimer: The Picture above is a Library Picture as all our centres are different inside)

Alcohol Detox – Inpatient. If you feel you may have an alcohol addiction or just a problem with your drinking habits. Call our team today. Tel: 0845 3881 543. We can help you in a number of ways. Even if you are taking other substances as well as alcohol. We deal with this all day every day and have many different detox options. Programmes also available for you to help with all addictions to any substance or substances, legal or illegal.

Alcohol Detox – Inpatient

Alcohol Detox – Inpatient – An Alcohol detox or the withdrawal of alcohol from the body can be unpleasant if not handled correctly with the right medication. The correct dosage of medication for the client’s needs. An alcohol detox should only be done under medical supervision. Either at an alcohol detox unit or at home. Always make sure the alcohol detox unit you are attending is CQC registered.

Alcohol Detox – Inpatient – The level of care depending on your needs is also very important. Call our team on Tel: 07811 606 606 to discuss the level of care you are going to need.  We will make your detox as safe and comfortable as possible. We are also going to do the best programme which is most beneficial for you.

Alcohol Detox – Inpatient – Once a tailored medical detox has been completed, whether at home or in a detox unit. Generally done by using medication. then the process of taking control of alcohol can begin. This is done using one of our alcohol rehabilitation programmes. In some cases whereas medication cannot be administered due to medical reasons, i.e. the client may have liver failure, then other medicines will be used in place of the usual medication. Detox units also use other medicines to safeguard against seizures and fits, plus high potency vitamins medicine which is used on a daily basis for 5 days.


Following that the detox unit will administer Vitamin B for the remained of the detox, and for 2 weeks after the detox in completed. This will all be fully explained to the client before any medicines are administered. We have a number of programmes available, and will have one to suit you and your needs. This is now what is called the recovery stage of your treatment. This may be done at home using telephone counselling and weekly visits or through one of our rehabilitation centres based in the UK.

Treatment admission

Alcohol Detox – Inpatient – Once you have been admitted to treatment in a detox unit, you will be assessed on arrival and again before any medication is issued, so as to determine the amount needed. This is all based on the individual’s withdrawal symptoms. Every client is different, and most detox units works on what is called the “Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment of Alcohol Scale” which in short is known as the CIWA-Ar. How this works is, the medication allowance takes into account the clients height, weight, and the amount of alcohol the individual is using.

Female Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Detox – Inpatient – If a female client is known to be pregnant before entering an alcohol detox unit, then the detox unit will need a letter from the clients Consultant Obstetrician stating it is safe to detox the client. This will need to be done before any medicines can be given.  All females will be pregnancy tested before any medication can be administered. This normal throughout all rehabilitation centres, and detox units for obvious reasons. Most detox units also offer massage and acupuncture as a form of relaxation to help the client through their detox.

If you would like more information about an Alcohol Detox, or anything else relating to this page, call our team on Tel: 07811 606 606