Opiate Detox Prescribed Medications

Opiate Detox Prescribed Medications – Here are some examples of what medication Detox Units use to detox clients who are using prescribed medication to control their opiate addiction.

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Opiate Detox Prescribed Medications -Lofexidine

This is the preferred medication to use for clients who are on 40mls of Methadone or less a day, or who have never had Methadone before.

Opiate Detox Prescribed Medications -Methadone

Methadone is the preferred medication to use for clients who are on 40mls or more of Methadone a day. This is before they enter a detox unit.

Opiate Detox Prescribed Medications -Subutex (Buprenorphine)

If a client is currently taking Subutex as a means of controlling their opiate addiction, then Subutex will be the preferred medication to detox the client with.


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