Addiction Rehab Centres Adus Healthcare
Addiction Rehab Centres Adus Healthcare

Alcohol and Drug Residential Rehab Centres

ADUS Healthcare Addiction Treatment Centres. Our drug and alcohol, fully residential rehab centres, offer 12 step assignments and groups, 1 to 1 counselling, meditation, diary groups on a daily basis, music therapy. We also offer a gym, county side walks, recovery planning. We will teach our clients about relapse prevention and understanding addiction, plus how to deal with cravings. Our group process includes, selection, personal values, managing stress and anxiety, boundaries, recovery, assertiveness, and written assignments. All our group sessions and workshops are given by our nurses and support staff.

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Adus Healthcare addiction rehab centres
Adus Healthcare addiction rehab centres

Alcohol Home Detox

Affordable private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres. We offer 7 exceptional cost effective rehab centres throughout the UK, offering over 60+ beds. Let us help make your addiction a thing of the past. Plus we treat all addictions as individual, and tailor our programmes accordingly. You can start your detox and rehab programmes today.

Safe comfortable environment
Safe comfortable environment

Call 07811 606 606

We offer private drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation across the UK.

  • Residential Drug and Alcohol Detox
  • Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
  • Alcohol Home Detox Programmes
  • Drug Home Detox Programmes
  • The Sinclair Method
  • In House Nursing
Understanding addiction - healthy boundaries
Understanding addiction – healthy boundaries

Affordable Drug & Alcohol Rehab Clinics | Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment

ADUS Healthcare offers the most affordable drug and alcohol rehab centres in the UK. We are passionate about helping clients get through their addiction through the cheapest way possible, but still offering a better service and facilities that you would find in other residential rehab centres. We have 5 residential Rehab Centres. Our residential rehab centres work. We currently hold an 85% success rate for long term abstinence from drink and drugs. We offer safe, affordable, comfortable and successful Alcohol addiction treatment for Alcohol and Drug addiction. Drug and Alcohol Rehab Clinics | Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment | ADUS Healthcare

Adus Healthcare - In -house chef
Adus Healthcare – In -house chef (Nottingham & Leicester only)  

No waiting lists

Because we offer 7 cost effective residential rehab centres for drug and alcohol addiction and abuse. Plus nurses placed all over the UK for alcohol home detox. There are no waiting lists. In fact you can come into one of our residential rehab centres today. You can even start your home detox today if you so wish. Our staff are also here 24 hours a day, so whatever time it is, or whatever day it is, call us now to discuss the help you need to move forward.

Managing stress and anxiety
Managing stress and anxiety

Look through our website

Have a look through our website. We have lots of information on all subjects of addiction. You are welcome to call us now on 07811 606 606 for help and support, or to book yourself in for an alcohol home detox or residential rehab throughout one of our residential drug and alcohol rehab centres. We can help you, so please get in touch.

Adus Healthcare addiction rehab centres
Adus Healthcare addiction rehab centres

We offer

We offer residential rehab for drug and alcohol addiction in one of our rehab centres. We will detox you in a medically safe way. You will be comfortable, relaxed and without cravings. Our staff will help you all the way to get trough your addiction. Our centres are the most affordable in the UK. Call us now on 07811 606 606

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