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Not excepting help

Not excepting help

Not excepting help

No excepting help. Get your loved one help, even if they don’t want it. You could have your loved one in residential rehab within the next 7 days or less. Whether they want help or not. ADUS Healthcare spends all day every day helping families get their loved ones into a residential drug and alcohol detox or rehabilitation programs. Even if they do not want to come in. Call our team on Tel: 07811 606 606 as we can help you.

Get your loved one help, even if they don’t want it. Every day we get calls from families who have just had enough, can’t deal with it any more  don’t know where to turn. We get families who have been torn apart due to a drug or alcohol addiction from a loved one to the point some family members get ill themselves because of it all. It may be the family have lived with the addition of a loved one for many years and have been fighting to get them well again.

Not excepting help – Let us help

Get your loved one help, even if they don’t want it. With our teams help, you will see your loved one in treatment in a matter of days and in some cases hours. Due to the amount of centres we use, we do not have waiting lists so treatment is readily available. No one is able to guarantee the process will be successful. but you may wish to know our success rate among the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres we use. Now in excess of 85% for long term abstinence from drugs or alcohol.

It is important that families and loved ones engage in the treatment their loved one is being offered. It can really speed up the recovery process for the client.

Get your loved one help, even if they don’t want it. In some cases where the family or a loved one does not engage in the rehabilitation process. It can cause the client not to come in as it is not taken seriously enough. We do find that if the family and friends do get behind the client. To help with what they are trying to achieve, and show an interest, it does encourage the client to seek help much quicker.

If you know someone who would like help. Or you would just like more information about anything else on this page. Call our team today on Tel: 07811 606 606.