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Help With Alcohol Addiction

Help With Alcohol Addiction

alcohol addiction

Help With Alcohol Addiction

Help With Alcohol Addiction – You may be asking yourself, “Do I have an addiction to Alcohol?” and to be fair if you have come this far enquiring, then there is a high chance you do. Most of the time drinking alcohol is a social thing. This starts off with a few drinks after works once a week. Then a couple of times a week, and then in some cases it can start to spiral out of control. Sadly addiction is known to be an illness.

It is quite easy to get addicted to alcohol and then end up abusing it. This is know as alcohol addiction. It happens all of a sudden. You may not notice the times you go drinking, becoming more frequent. Albeit you are still able to work and do every day normal things in life. Having an addiction to alcohol, (alcoholism) is not classed by how much you drink in a day. Week. Month etc. as for each person it is different.

I’m here to provide information and support regarding alcohol addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, here are some steps you can take to seek help:

  1. Acknowledge the problem: Recognise and accept that there is an issue with alcohol and that it is negatively impacting your life. This acknowledgment is an important first step towards seeking help.
  2. Reach out for support: Share your concerns with a trusted friend, family member, or healthcare professional. Opening up about your struggles can provide emotional support and guidance as you navigate the recovery process.
  3. Consult a healthcare professional: Schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional, such as a doctor, addiction specialist, or therapist. They can assess the severity of your addiction, provide guidance, and recommend appropriate treatment options.
  4. Consider detoxification: Depending on the severity of your alcohol addiction, a medically supervised detoxification (detox) process may be necessary. Detox helps safely manage withdrawal symptoms and ensures your safety during this critical phase.
  5. Explore treatment options: There are several treatment options available for alcohol addiction, including inpatient/residential rehabilitation programs, outpatient programs, counselling, therapy, and support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). A healthcare professional can help you determine which option is most suitable for your needs.
  6. Build a support network: Surround yourself with individuals who are supportive of your recovery. Attend support group meetings, such as AA or SMART Recovery, to connect with others who have experienced similar challenges. Consider involving family members or close friends in your recovery process for additional support.
  7. Develop coping mechanisms: Learn healthy ways to cope with stress, emotions, and triggers without relying on alcohol. This might involve developing new hobbies, engaging in exercise or mindfulness practices, or seeking professional therapy to address underlying issues.
  8. Create a relapse prevention plan: Work with your healthcare professional and support network to develop a relapse prevention plan. Identify triggers and high-risk situations, establish coping strategies, and create a plan for how to handle potential setbacks.
  9. Practice self-care: Take care of your physical and mental well-being. Prioritise healthy habits, such as regular exercise, a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, and engaging in activities that bring you joy and relaxation.
  10. Stay committed and patient: Recovery is a lifelong journey, and it takes time and dedication. Be patient with yourself and understand that setbacks can occur. Stay committed to your recovery goals and seek help and support when needed.

Remember, professional guidance and support are vital for overcoming alcohol addiction. Reach out to healthcare professionals, addiction specialists, or treatment centres in your area to access the resources and assistance necessary for your recovery journey.

Craving for a drink

Alcohol Addiction – Some people might crave for a drink first thing in the morning, whereas others may crave for a drink at 3.00pm in the afternoon. Others may crave a drink in the evenings, or when the wife goes to bed etc. and is some cases you don’t need to drink every day to have an alcohol addiction. Some people prefer to binge drink, say on weekends only, which has now started to affect the way the work on a Monday morning.

Help With Alcohol Addiction

If you think you may have an addiction to alcohol. You may wish to attend a rehab centre for a detox and rehabilitation, call us today. We can help you address your problems through our experience staff. Wouldn’t it be nice to be given the tools you need to rebuild your life and get it back on track and live a long and happy life free of your addiction? Don’t be scared of getting help.

alcohol addiction

Far too many people suffer because they were too frightened to get help. Our staffs trained to help you through all this and get you the help you deserve. Our staffs understand every client’s circumstances and respect they are all individual. With that in mind we know that all clients’ needs and programs need to be individual too. We also understand that residential rehab is not always the answers, and in some cases a home detox or just counselling will be fine. Talk to our team about a home detox.


So there you have it. Addiction to alcohol really does just creep up on you. If you feel you may have a problem with alcohol or you may have a member of your family who is suffering with an addiction, or it may even be a loved one. Why not call our team today who are here 24 hours a day and get some help and advice.

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