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Addiction – My story

Addiction. Through my own experience I found addiction one of the worse things I went through. Unlike other illnesses which would come and go, addiction was always there. That feeling of being a slave to a substance. My addiction was alcohol. 

What is addiction

In my eyes, addiction is being totally consumed by a substance. In my case it was alcohol. It is all you think about, and all you want. It takes over you whole mind set. Like an obsession. Do I have enough alcohol in the house to get me through. Is it strong enough. It is the first thing you think about when you wake up, and the last thing you think about at night. It totally consumes your life whatever the  the consequences. 

How do you get addicted to something

In my case it started with a few drinks after work. It then turned into serval drinks after work. Then it turned into the first one in the pub after work, to the last one out. I remember waiting outside the pub on my own, waiting for it to open. How sad it that. Also I would be on my second or third drink once people started arriving. I also remember looking at myself in the pub toilets mirror thinking “here we go again”.

Then I got to the pub at lunchtime, and staying there until it closed. It those days we use to get “lock ins” which were where you stayed drinking until the early hours of the morning. This was illegal then, and is still illegal now. But it was a great way for pubs to make more money. 


Can you stop an addiction

If you are very strong mined, you could have a go. But for most people it is impossible. So do remember, Never just stop your substance abuse. It can be fatal. You will need a home detox or go to a residential rehab centres to get well. That is by far your safest option. If that option is not affordable, you can still get help through funded rehab centres or your local “community drug and alcohol team”. I will be honest, they are fairly useless, and you can quote me on that. 

Who gets an addiction

This is a very good question. In rehab centres most, well 99% of the clients have someone in the family with an addictive personality. It is inherited from a mum, dad, uncle auntie etc. sometimes it misses a generation, but I guarantee it will be in the family somewhere. 

What kind of people get addicted

Isolation, break ups, bereavement, abuse as a child etc.  Through my experience the kind of people who get an addiction are generally creative people. This is what we are seeing all the time in our rehab centres. It is well documented that people with an addictive personalities have more opiate receptors in their brain., More than other people. So if someone with an addictive personality went for a drink with someone who did not have an addictive personality. They would get 10x more out of it than the person who did not have an addictive personality. Because the higher amount of opiate receptors they have in their Brain. 

Talk to me

I am happy to talk to anyone who needs help with addiction, as I have been there. We have several residential rehab centres available to help you. Plus our nurses are on hand to detox you from home if you prefer. My name is Mark. Call me on 07811 606 606. I can help you. My phone is on all the time I am awake.