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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions we get asked in our drug and alcohol residential rehab treatment centres by clients. We asked a lot of questions on a day to day basis. So we have listed a few of the more common questions here. Alternatively you can call us on 07811 606 606  for any help and advice to do with costs, addiction, withdrawal, cravings, rehab, detox, centres etc. We will be glad to help.

Which addictions are treatable, and do you treat them

Frequently asked questions. All addictions are treatable, but do bear in mind that an alcohol addiction can reach the point of no return. Yes, you can pass the stage where a detox will not actually work. This is because your liver is too far gone. So at this stage all that is left for the client is a matter of time. I know that sounds harsh, but I was an alcoholic and I never knew this until I was treated. I thought you could always get well. The truth is you cannot. So weak treatment sooner rather than later. 

The main addictions we are involved in are drug and alcohol addiction. These are all treatable by our residential rehab centres. We also treat dual addictions. This may include alcohol or drug addiction with a sexual addiction, Gambling addiction, gaming addiction (rare) or another addiction. A drug and alcohol addiction is very common. Especially Cocaine and alcohol. We see this a lot. Call us now if you have any worries about addiction. We will be happy to explain it in more detail. 

Are my family able to visit me in rehab – Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. Yes. The best time to visit is on weekends as the clients are busy with treatment during the week. We always find clients with a good family network seem to recover quickly from treatment. We do encourage visiting. When I client first comes into rehab it is better to let them settle in before visiting. The first stage of treatment is a detox. So we find after the detox period is a better time to visit. When the client is feeling much better. This way the client will find it easier to restore family values, as they will have a much clearer mind. 

For visiting you will need to contact us first. do not just turn up as the client may be having treatment. What I mean bu that is, they could be in the middle of a one 2 one counselling session, a group session etc. Plus we find it is better for the client if they know you are coming. The will be more relaxed and more pleased to see you. 

Can I smoke / vape in rehab

Frequently asked questions. If you would like to, yes. We have areas which are designated smoking areas. What we find is a lot of clients seen to give up when the came to rehab. It seems to just go with the feel of the pace. All of a sudden you don’t feel; like smoking. It maybe because they relate their smoking addiction with their drug or alcohol, addiction. Once you take away the main addiction, the other seem to follow. We don’t encourage smoking, and our staff will help clients who want to stop. It is a different feel in rehab when it comes to smoking. 

I think the other reason many clients stop smoking during their stay in rehab is because they are busy the whole time hey are with us. Smoking tends to be linked with boredom and clients do not get bored in treatment. They don’t have time. The other thing is, clients tend to be having a really good time.And as no one seems to be smoking. It tends to be forgotten about. But like I say. If you want to smoke, it is fine. 

Will rehab help my mental health

100% yes. What clients will find is when they have been detoxed, all the underlying issues created by their addiction will go. The main ones are anxiety and depression. These are very common with alcohol addiction, and do go once the clients detox is finished. As we all know alcohol is a depressant, so once the alcohol is removed, so is the depression. Also long term use of cannabis brings on paranoia and anxiety. But that does not alway go. Cannabis is a much worse drug than people give it credit for. I brings out lots of mental health issues. 

We have other ways of dealing wit mental health issue, such as exercise, the correct nutrition, counselling etc so don’t let this become an issue. Because it isn’t.

What about after I have been to treatment  

Frequently asked questions. We supply aftercare. This is an important part of the clients recovery. It can be frightening for the client to leave rehab and go out into the big wild world. So we supply telephone support and supported housing if the clients wished to carry on treatment in safe hands. Thins normally only a real issue if the client has not done a long enough time in rehab. This maybe due to family commitments, or work commitments. eIther way we do offer support after the client has left our residential rehab centres. Our main goal is recovery for clients, and we work hard to achieve this. 

Side effects. Is there anything to worry about after rehab

You should not get any side effects from the medication you are given in rehab. If for any reason you did get any side effect the doctor would change your medication immediately. It is very rare to get side effects. Most of the alcohol medication is mild, and the dug medication is what the clients are use to. So not a worry. By the time you leave a rehab centre you medication would have finished a while ago. The second part of treatment is all counselling etc. So no side effects there. 

Is it expensive in residential rehab centres – Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions. Residential rehab use to be very expensive, and was only for the rich and famous years ago. But things have moved on since then. More centres have opened, and medication has improved and got much cheaper. Hence the prices are much lower than they have ever been. And with more centres opening, everyone has to be competitive. Once again prices will continue to fall. But there are also different types of centres. Some are very upmarket and offer many more facilities. So there prices rightly so will be more expensive. We offer 3 of these centres. And some centres are not fully residential, and will be much cheaper. We offer two if these centres.

What we are finding is, most centres are up grading to better facilities, so the more affordable centres are getting fewer. So maybe more is a good time to get treatment if you are working on a budget. 

Can you choose how long you come in for – Frequently asked questions

Yes, is some circumstances. But you do not want to come in just for a short time. You are not looking just to put a player on it. You want to get well. We do find some clients keep coming on for 10 days here, 7 days there. Thins crazy because you are not sorting the problems out. My advice would be to come in for as long as you can afford to. I am not talking money, but time off work, away from your family etc. This will give you the best chance of recovery. It is no good keep coming back. 

Our programs are from 7 days to 12 weeks or longer if you prefer. We also offer secondary care, and supported housing if you wish for longer treatment. 

Do you offer Family support

Yes. We offer family support. Families can find it very hard dealing with the strains and stresses of addiction in the family. It is hard to see a loved one go through this. So we offer one 2 one consoling for family members as well as help and support. We understand it is not just the client who needs help. If effects everyone. Family support is also a massive help too the clients recovery. We will do all we can to help families rebuild relationships with loved ones. This way everyone gains.