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List of Fully Residential Rehab Prices – Call 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

All our residential drug and alcohol rehab centres include a tailored medical detox, and rehabilitation for all our clients. We have plenty more prices available to suite all budgets. ALL our residential Rehab Centres are Fully Residential and offer 24 hour nursing. Plus your own chef who will cook all the right nutrition for your needs, while in treatment and recovery. You can find our treatment centres in the following locations. 

( Birmingham – Blackpool – Bristol – Cardiff – Leicester – Liverpool – Luton – Norfolk – Northampton – Nottingham – Scotland – Watford )

Call our team now for the latest prices. It is much more affordable than you think. 

Finance Available  

Some of our residential rehab centres offer finance for a detox and rehab. Please call us for details. Tel: 07811 606 606

Prices – (NO VAT on ALL our Prices)

Fully Residential Rehab and Detox  –  From £2,995

Alcohol Home Detox – £1,295 

All prices include a tailored medical detox and the rehabilitation. There is nothing else to pay on top of these prices. Our Rehab Centres except ALL major Credit and Debit Cards. Bank Transfer or Mobile Transfer also welcome.

Alcohol Home Detox Program – Prices

Duration of program 7 to 12 days – Tailored Medical Detox – £1,295 (That includes everything)

Our alcohol home detox program is the most supported in the UK. Nobody offers this level of support anywhere else in the country. Call us now on Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours) for more details. Ww have a very high success rate with this program.  

Our Alcohol Home Detox Program covers the whole of the UK. For details go to Alcohol Home Detox. Safe comfortable and successful. You can start your alcohol home detox today or whenever you prefer. This is a highly successful model and works extremely well. We have been doing these now since 2009. On top of the alcohol home detox we also offer the Sinclair Method. This is not necessary for all clients, but some clients like to do it after their alcohol home detox. If you would like more details on the Sinclair Method, call us now on Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

Sinclair Method

We offer the Sinclair Method after an alcohol home detox, or for anyone who wants to gain better control of their drinking. This is not a necessity but helpful for some clients. We can give you full details if you are interested in this program. This again will be done through our detox nurse. Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)   

Online Alcohol Rehab Program NOT RECOMMENDED

There are a few companies online, offering “Online Alcohol and Drug Home Rehabilitation”. They generally charge around £2,495 for 4 weeks. This is for one hours a day. We do not recommend these services, as you can get can get these free through your local community drug and alcohol team, or through AA. No need to waste your money. You can also get an alcohol counsellor for less money, if you wish to go down this road. Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

Home Drug Detox

A drug home detox does not exist. If anyone is offering a drug home detox, we suggest you contact us immediately, as it is very dangerous, and should NOT be carried out in this country. Call tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours) for more details. 

Contact us – Finding the right Rehab Centre

We know finding the right drug or alcohol rehab centre is a nightmare. So on top of our own rehab centres we have available, we are also happy to give you impartial advice on the rehab centres which we know are good, and the ones which we know are not so good. It is not always the price which makes the rehab centres any good. Some rehab centres put their prices right up simply for this reason. We are here 24 hours a day to offer you good sound advice. All our advice free. Tel: 07811 606 606 24 hours) for more details. 

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