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Can I stop myself?

Can I stop myself?

Can I stop myself? addiction drugs and alcohol

Can I stop myself? If your addiction has got hold of you, and what I mean by that is, you have to have a drink or you have to take drugs to make you feel better because of the cravings etc. Them the simple answer is no. You can’t. Why? because it has now got to the stage where it would be very dangerous for you to try to stop, and in a lot of cases, life threatening! You need to seek professional help to treat your addiction.  

Your options – Can I stop myself?

Look at when you started your drinking, or drug taking ( known as alcoholism, or drug abuse ) Your consumption has only ever got worse. It has never got better. Now you have got yourself an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Your only options are alcohol or drug detox and residential rehab, or an alcohol home detox. 

It gets worse – Can I stop myself?

The other main issue with trying to stop yourself is. If it fails, and it will. When you go back to drinking of drug taking, you will find you will be taking or drinking twice as much as you were previously. It is like you are playing catch up. For some reason it is like your body is punishing you for trying to stop. 

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol

If you try to stop drinking yourself, or try to stop taking drugs yourself, you would not have the correct detox medication, or know the detox program you would need to take to get you clean. You would be going “cold turkey”. This is highly dangerous and can kill you. It is never recommended by anyone. Think about it. You have done most of the hard work by getting yourself in a position where you want to stop. Don’t go and blow it now. You are half way there. Get the correct help. It will be safer, much more comfortable, and much easier. Why would you want it any other way. 

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Firstly, well done for getting this far, and reading this page. It shows real courage. Secondly I can hep you. I have been where you are, and know what you are going through. It is not easy. Call me know to discuss your best options of getting through this. Tel: 07811 606 606 My name is Mark.