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Withdrawal Medication

Withdrawal Medication

withdrawal medication(Disclaimer: The Picture above is a Library Picture as all our centres are different inside)

Drug & Alcohol withdrawal Medication

Medication withdrawal. The medication we administer will stop cravings, and nausea. In the morning the client will not feel sick, or have an upset stomach. The medication we administer will make the client feel like they have had a drink, or taken their drugs, hence  will stop the  cravings. The detox is half the battle done.

The next stage – withdrawal medication 

Now the next stage, which also happens during the clients residential alcohol or drug detox is to find the underlying issues that are causing their addiction. We also need to get the client through the psychological aspects of addiction. We then need to restore the clients natural appetite, and restore the clients natural sleep pattern. Once all this is done, we need to set up coping mechanisms to stop the client going back to their addiction. That is basically what happens during an alcohol or drug detox at one of our centres.

Will I get withdrawal during my detox

If in one of our residential detox centres, or during one of our alcohol home detox programs. The answer is no. Our nurses will make sure you are safe, comfortable and healthy during your detox with us. Also we detox over a longer period to make sure you do stay comfortable. 

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