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What is an alcohol home detox

What is an alcohol home detox

what is an alcohol home detox

What is an alcohol home detox. Basically, it is the same as a detox you would have in a residential rehab centre. But done at home. We have a whole section on this website about this, so follow this link for details. 

Who would have an alcohol home detox

We find clients who have very busy lives, either with family or work commitments, tend to find an alcohol home detox much more convenient for them. It means they can carry on with family or work things while having a detox. The first couple of days are difficult with family or work things, because their medication is at it highest. But after that the clients can do normal things while finishing off their detox. So what we suggest is they start they alcohol home detox on a Friday evening, so by Monday morning the client is able to work from home, plus they can also work in the day on Friday meaning they do not need any time off.     

How much does it cost

When we started doing alcohol home detoxes over 10 years ago, we use to charge £1295. And the good news is, we are still charging £1295 10 years later. That is all you pay. They are no hidden charges, and no VAT to add, as this is medical. 

How long does it take

Our detox programs normally last 10 to 14 days. In some cases if the client wants too fast track the detox,. We can do it in 5 to 7 days. How every long it takes, it is still the same price. We do not charge anymore for a longer detox period. All we are interested in is getting the client well. 

When can I start an alcohol home detox

You can normally start your alcohol home detox the same day. If you ring late in the afternoon, then it will be the following day or whenever you wish to start. This is because the chemist will be closed to collect your prescription of medication. We will work with the client on starting times. What I would say through is. The sooner you start, the sooner you will be feeling much better.  

Are they Free?

No, sadly this is not something you can do through the NHS, or your local community drug and alcohol team. It is very time consuming for the nurse involved in your detox has he will be calling you a minimum of 4 times a day etc.