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Gaming Addiction

Gaming Addiction

gaming addiction

Gaming Addiction. This is becoming progressively worse amongst teenagers and children. And now with the introduction of more technical games. We are seeing a high amount of adults with a gaming addiction. Gaming addiction is now a recognised illness worldwide. 

Why is gaming addiction a problem

Gaming addiction can cause mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. It is a real addiction and does need addressing. Depression can bring on suicide and self harm. It causes the person playing to neglect the important things in life. In general is it very bad for their wellbeing.  

Advancement of gaming

With the advancement of games throughout the world, players can now interact with friends and people they do not know, and build friendships. You no longer need to go anywhere. What with the excitement of the game, and people you are interacting with. Gaming has got very addictive. 

People playing these games can now go into a new world, away from boredom and reality and the stresses of real life. With people playing these games, and in most cases for hours. This can seriously effect friend and family relationships, other relationships and marriages. 

Who is being effected

On the whole is affects children and teenagers alike. And now more adults. We do get a lot of calls from parents wanting to know a way through this. Being realistic this is parental care. The parents are in control of the internet, and can tern it off. I believe the problem stems from when children are young, and the easiest way to keep them quiet is to give the a phone or an iPad etc. Now sadly you are paying for it. Gaming addiction is no different to any other addiction. They all need treating. If you are struggling with a family member or loved one who has an addiction to gaming, do get in touch. Call 07811 606 606

Brain function

It is widely known teenagers brains function very differently to adults brains. This is partly because teenagers brains are still developing. Plus teenagers have a more emotional brain. Where as adults have a rational brain. Teenagers and children like receiving gratitude regardless of consequence, and gaming gives them this. The gaming manufactures know this and build tire games around gratification, rewards and irrational thoughts.

Signs of gaming addiction

Here is a list of where gaming becomes an addiction. Isolation also plays a big part in most addictions, and gaming is no different. 

1/ Not worried about hygiene 

2/ Falling behind on school work

3/ Frustrated and anxious 

4/ Isolation

5/ No social life

6/ cannot interact easily 

7/ preoccupied 

8/ playing all night, not sleeping

9/ Lack mod concentration 

10/ Not eating

If you or a loved one is showing any signs of gaming addiction, get in touch. Call: 07811 606 606

Does it effect adults

Yes. This can be serious in adults, as it can affect them from working, which in turn affects the families finances. It can effect relationships Work and destroy their social life etc. In fact it is more devastating in adults because of the commitments the have in life. 

Contact us

If you or a loved one have, or think you may have an addiction too gaming. Do get in touch. as we can put you on the right track and advise accordingly. Call: 07811 606 606