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Drug and Alcohol Teams DAAT

Drug and Alcohol Teams DAAT

drug and alcohol team DAAT

local community drug and alcohol teams DAAT

Drug and Alcohol Teams (DAATs) are multidisciplinary teams that work within local communities to address substance misuse and addiction issues. DAATs typically consist of professionals from various disciplines, such as healthcare providers, social workers, psychologists, counsellors, and law enforcement personnel. These teams collaborate to develop and implement strategies for prevention, treatment, and harm reduction related to drug and alcohol misuse.

The primary goals of DAATs may include:

  1. Prevention: Implementing education and awareness programs to prevent substance misuse and promote healthier lifestyles. This can involve community outreach, school-based interventions, and targeted campaigns.

  2. Treatment: Providing access to effective treatment services for individuals with drug and alcohol addiction. This may include detoxification services, residential rehabilitation, outpatient programs, counselling, and psychosocial interventions.

  3. Harm Reduction: Offering harm reduction strategies and services to minimise the negative consequences associated with drug and alcohol use. This can include needle exchange programs, opioid substitution therapy, overdose prevention initiatives, and outreach services for high-risk populations.

  4. Coordination and Collaboration: Working closely with various stakeholders, including healthcare providers, social services, criminal justice agencies, and community organisations, to ensure a coordinated and comprehensive approach to addressing substance misuse.

DAATs are typically established at the local or regional level, with teams operating within specific geographic areas. They often collaborate with other organisations and agencies involved in the prevention and treatment of substance misuse, such as community health centres, addiction treatment centres, and mental health services.

The specific structure and services provided by DAATs can vary across different regions and countries. If you are seeking support for substance misuse or addiction, reaching out to your local healthcare or social services can help you access the appropriate resources and connect you with the relevant DAAT or similar services in your area.

Drug and alcohol teams (DAAT). Here is a list of local DAAT.

These are free to anyone with an addiction to drugs and alcohol

You can always call us first for your nearest DAAT. We hold a list of every DAAT in the country, and will be glad to help. Alternatively you can find your local community drug and alcohol team on any search engine. 

Acorn Recovery Projects – Lancashire

Main address:

130 Mile End Ln



Tel: 0161 484 0000


Bridgend DAAT

Celtic Court,

Tremains Rd,


CF31 1TZ

01656 667717


BAC O’Connor Centre

Main address:

126 Station St

DE14 1BX


Tel: 01283 537280


Camden Specialist Drug Services – Margarete Centre

Main address:

The Margarete Centre, 108 Hampstead Road



Tel: 020 3317 6000


Change Grow Live

Main address:

Tower Point, 44 North Road, Brighton


East Sussex

Tel: 01273 677019


Dorset South & East DAAT

Pennys Walk,


BH22 9TH

01202 868268


South London DAAT

The Pavilion,

4 Palmerston Way,

Nine Elms,



020 8687 4598


Hampshire DAAT team

Elizabeth II Court,

3rd Floor West,


SO23 8UQ

0300 555 1375


Hebron Trust

Main address:

Hebron House, Stanley Avenue



Tel: 0160 343 9905


Kaleidoscope Project Birchwood Residential Treatment Centre

Main address:

23-25 Ball’s Rd, Birkenhead

CH43 5RF

Prenton, Wirral

Tel: 0151 670 0033


Mount Carmel

Main address:

12 Aldrington Rd

SW16 1TH


Tel: 020 8769 7674


Sefton Park rehab

Main address:

10 Royal Cres

BS23 2AX


Tel: 0193 462 6371


The Bridges (Forward Trust)

Main address:

128 Holderness Road



Tel: 0148 258 8454


Wandsworth DAAT

162 St John’s Hill,


SW11 1SW

020 3228 1777


Yeldall Manor

Main address:

Blakes Ln, Hare Hatch

RG10 9XR


Tel: 0118 940 4411


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