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Family and Friends Addiction Recovery

Family and Friends Addiction Recovery

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Family and Friends Addiction Recovery – Living with an addict can have devastating effects on your family as a whole. Once the individual has become dependent on drugs or alcohol this in term creates a massive negative impact. This effects all those people around them. It is well documented that families could be suffering for years living with an addict. Strain caused invariably not only destroys the addict’s family life. Their personal and social life as well as all those around them. It is sadly very common the addict will end up with nothing and no-one.

Family and Friends Addiction Recovery – Lets work together

We can work closely with addict’s families and friends to help aid the recovery process for everyone involved. This is normally a lifelong process, as we believe in total abstinence from drugs or alcohol, so as not to bring back the illness of addiction.

Family and Friends Addiction Recovery – We know how hard it is for families and friends. The way their lives have invariably been turned upside down due to someone close to them having an addiction to Drink and Drugs. We also know how important it is to keep the families and friends informed throughout the treatment process. This helps everyone to understand the addiction and how hard it can be to break it for some clients.

Addiction Recovery

Visiting at most drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres is done on weekends. All centres welcome visitors as it is good for the client to know they have support during this time.

Family awareness course

There are free courses available throughout the UK for families, friends. Also for employees and employers for people who know someone who is suffering an addiction. These courses are very effective in engaging addicts into treatment. Regardless of what treatment they may have tried in the past and regardless of how long they have been using.

ADUS Healthcare is recognised as a very important part in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Consequently helps hundreds of people every year whose families and lives had been torn apart by addiction.  If you or a loved one are looking for confidential help. Call our team today and lets us help you find a way forward and put things right. We are here 24 hours a day, every day. Tel: 07811 606 606.