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Signs of addiction

Signs of addiction

signs of addiction drug and alcohol

Signs of addiction

Signs of addiction. Through my own experience I can safety say denial is a massive part of addiction. In my case it was alcohol. 

Living with addiction is difficult, and here I have listed some of the signs you can experience while addicted to drugs or alcohol. 

1/ your health deteriorates 

2/ your anxiety increases

3/ depression increases

4/ your finances seem to suffer

5/ as your addiction gets worse you start getting the shakes

6/ memory loss and blackouts are also common place

7/ finding it hard to function without substance abuse

8/ not being able to kick your habit

9/ substance abuse becomes out of your control

10/ craving start when not drinking

11/ kidding yourself there is no problem

12/ not telling the truth about your habits 

I found that come lunchtime, I had drunk to much to drive and do a days work. This effected my finances and my marriage. The silly thing was, it is so easy to get through addiction, whether with a home detox, or residential rehab. If you are suffering with addiction, or you know someone who is. Call me now on 07811 606 606. My name is Mark and I have been through this.


With addiction you do feel isolated, alone. But you are not. There are plenty of avenues you can go down to get off your addiction. I know it seems frightening, but it is not. That is just your head telling you that. That is denial. 

At the end of the day what do you have to lose. Look at the advantages of addiction. There are none. Look at the advantages of breaking your addiction. There are lots. I don’t need to spell out the advantages, as you know what they are. 


Draw a line under today. You cannot change your past, but you can really change your future. Forget about the past for a bit. Call me now and let’s get you well. It really is that simple. Mark: 07811 606 606