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Workplace Addiction for Employers

Workplace Addiction for Employers

Workplace Addiction for Employers

Workplace Addiction for Employers. It is a fact that all employers who employ more than half a dozen staff will employ people with addiction problems among their workforce. You may also be interested in Drug Testing Kits.

Workplace Addiction for Employers – Addictive illness

So what is addictive illness? It can be easily defined as the inherent inability to control one’s use of the following; Drugs, Alcohol, Food etc This is now known to affect 20% of this countries adult population. This in turn has massive effects of businesses all over the UK which include fraud, absenteeism, loss of productivity, and can also occur, due to loss of valuable skills, unnecessary costs in re-training.

Workplace Addiction for Employers – In therapy sessions throughout drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres based in the UK, addiction counsellors are listening to “consequences of addiction” as clients retrace their own experiences during counselling sessions. There are some very worrying stories of people who work on machinery while drinking due to being addicted to alcohol.

Addiction – Workplace Addiction for Employers

We have also heard of people stealing from employers to fund their Heroin addictions which in turn have ended up in the companies having to close due to financial reasons, and sadly life long careers being ruined due to people stealing alcohol from high street shops. The stories are endless.

Workplace Addiction for Employers – There is no stereotyping an alcoholic or addict. He or she may be the young apprentice whose erratic behaviour may be causing some concern. To the old man who works in the warehouse with the shaking hands.


Workplace Addiction for Employers – We are pleased to say that 85% of all clients we have admitted to rehab centres throughout the UK are now staying sober and their lives e become manageable. 83% have reported to have gained full time employment or training and 82% have restored family relationships.

Workplace Addiction for Employers . If you have an employee or know of an employee who maybe struggling with an addiction. Then why not call our team today for some friendly confidential advice, or pass our details on to the employee you are concerned about. We can help you, and we will help you.

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