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Alcohol Home Detox

Alcohol Home Detox

alcohol home detox

The UK’s Most Supported Alcohol Detox Program (Anywhere in the UK)

Start your alcohol home detox today, or whenever you prefer to start.

This is how it works

The first stage it to call 07811 606  606 to discuss how it all works. If you are happy, and want to go ahead, the process starts here.

The stages of an alcohol home detox

1/ We will get one of our detox nurses to call the client to do an assessment. This is to make sure it is safe for the client to have a home detox. For 9/10 clients it is. But on occasions it is not. But do not worry. Residential treatment is always on offer if a home detox is not.

The reasons for a client not being able to do a detox at home would be safety reasons, or mental health reasons. Or the client has no one to stay with during their home detox period or no one to stay with them. You cannot do a home detox if you are on your own. You must have someone to stay with you. This can be a friend, family member etc

2/ Providing the assessment was alright, we then have a video consultation with the client, and the person staying with the client who will become the “supervisor”. In this video consultation our nurse will explain how everything will work to them both.

3/ Our nurse will then transfer the clients medication, for the home detox, to the clients local chemist. The supervisor will need to collect the medication, not the client for safety reasons.

4/ The nurse will then start the home detox. He will call the supervisor a minimum of 4 times a day ,and tell the supervisor how much medication to give the client, and check the client is doing alright. He will also check the clients blood pressure etc when needed.

5/ The nurse will slowly reduce the medication over a period of 7 to 14 days depending on the severity of the clients alcohol addiction, until the clients body is clear of alcohol.

So basically – Alcohol home detox

This is basically the same as a detox you would receive in a private residential rehab centre, but done over the phone and video at home. We even use the same prescribed medication as the private residential rehab centres use. The only main difference is you are doing it at home which works better for some clients who have busy lives.

Although, alcohol private residential rehabilitation may be good for some clients. It may not be convenient for clients who need to carry on working, or looking after children etc. We believe everyone deserves the right treatment, and the help they deserve. So we offer the most supported detox anywhere in the UK, which we have been offering now for over 10 years. No other company anywhere in the UK offers the same level of support we offer. Our program is second to  none.

Help and support for everyone

If a client does need to work or look after children, this does not mean to say they cannot get help in the form of an alcohol detox. It should never be ruled out as there are many more options available to them, for example a home alcohol detox. I would just like to point out an alcohol home detox should never be attempted without professional medical advice, as the results could be fatal. An alcohol detox without the correct medicine and professional help could end up with the client having fits, seizures and in some cases it can be fatal.

If you are considering having a home tailored medical detox, Tel: 07811 606 606 . We will be able to assess whether an alcohol home detox is the right form of treatment for you, and also whether it is safe for you to do an alcohol detox from your own home. Once your assessment is completed and we are happy for you to detox at your home, we will arrange one of our doctors to prescribe the medicines needed for your detox to take place, and also oversee your detox for the period it takes which is normally around 2 weeks.

Alcohol home detox – Another options

Home Detox for Alcohol. Another option could be you have your alcohol detox at a residential detox unit which normally lasts between 7 – 12 days. Then we can arrange for you to have our counsellors call you on a daily basis if you wish. This is to continue your treatment from home thereafter. We can also arrange a visit from our counsellors on a weekly basis in your area. We understand that no two detoxes are the same. So your detox and medicine will be a program tailored to you and you only. This way we know you will be detoxing in the safest most comfortable way possible.

Home Detox for Alcohol – With a home detox programme, our doctors will arrange an appointment at your home to further assess you. Your medicine and your detox will start on the same day unless a home detox is not safe for you to do so. You will not be over or under medicated and you will be made as comfortable as possible during your detox. It is always handy to have a family member or friend to administer your medication if at all possible.

alcohol home detox

Never attempt to detox yourself without medical advice.

Home Detox for Alcohol.  Our nurses will administer medication. We will also offer other support options and help during, and after your detox in completed. This can be done using telephone counselling which has proved to be highly successful over the years.


Tel: 07811 606 606

We can also offer our counsellors to come over to your area on a weekly basis if you prefer. All this is to help you through your recovery which normally lasts anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks. You will also be given a 24 hour support phone number as for any problems you may be having.

It is highly unlikely you will ever need to call this number. As you will receive daily telephone calls from the support staff during your detox. All home detoxes can be carried out anywhere throughout the UK. They generally starts within a few days of you enquiring about it. The same day service is also available. There are many people who have had a home detox and who are now off alcohol for life. If you would like more information about this subject or anything else to do with an alcohol detox. Call our team now on Tel: 07811 606 606. We are here 24 hours a day.