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Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis addiction. People often think you start you drug addiction with Cannabis, and work up to harder drugs. I can tell you now, Cannabis is highly addictive. At our residential rehab centres we take Cannabis addiction very seriously. Ok you will not overdoes or contemplate suicide using Cannabis, but it will cause many Brian disorders. from losing your memory to paranoia, depression etc.

Cannabis and mental health

Cannabis causes mental health in users. It is very bad to use as a teenager when your brain is still developing. And in adults it causes it is of mental health issues listed on this page. The best thing with all drugs is to stay away from them unless prescribed by your doctor or GP practice. If you are struggling stopping Cannabis and do use it on a regular basis. Get in touch. We can help you. Call 07811 606 606

Synthetic Cannabis / Legal highs

The best know synthetic Cannabis is Spice. This is a very dangerous drug and banned all over the world. Legal highs have finally been banned in the UK under the Psychoactive Substance Misuse act 2016. but as with all illegal drugs, now sold by drug dealers on the blackmarket. Illegal highs can be very string and give the same effects as Heroin in most cases. It is one to stay well clear off. 

Types of Cannabis

1/ Cannabis Resin: Normally dark brown, but can be black, and sometimes goes black with age. Again widely used. It comes in a solid block, and is normally burnt, as this makes it easier to crumble off the block. It is then smoked in a joint, or put into cooking. 

2/ Herbal Cannabis: The most common form. This looks like grass, hence Cannabis is called grass. It is from the flower go the plants and is smoked in a roll up using cigarette tobacco. 

3/ Cannabis oil: This is normally sold as a dark sticky liquid. You do not see this often for sale for some reason. It is the strongest natural cannabis out there. 

All the different types of Cannabis shown above are widely used in this country. In fact it is the most commonly used drug in the UK. 

Cannabis – How to use it

Cannabis mainly comes in leaf form or resin. The most common way to use Cannabis, is to roll up with cigarette tobacco and smoke it. If using resin, then burn the resin and breakout it up in your fingers and add it to your roll up. Some people prefer to smoke Cannabis through a bong. Some smoke it through a pipe. Cannabis can also be added to home cooking. Like cakes and biscuits.  

How does Cannabis addiction effect the user

Users often experience all kinds of effects when smoking Cannabis. Some get very relaxed, others get the giggles and munchies. A very common effect is paranoia which tends to happen when you are older. This is not a nice effect. 

Cannabis street names

The slang for Cannabis amongst dealers and users are as follows. Dope, Grass, Pot, Spliff, Hash, Weed, Blow, Skunk and Ganja.

Cannabis drug class

Amazingly Cannabis is a Class B drug and The maximum penalty for possession of cannabis is five years imprisonment. (April 2022) Cannabis is a very popular drug all over the world, as it is kind of one up from smoking cigarettes. Believe it or not. In some countries it is legal to use. Medication Cannabis is something different and should not be confused as the same thing, as it is medically approved. 

Cannabis comes from a cannabis plant which is surprisingly easy to grow. It is grown in hot countries, but in this country dealers grown it under UV light. Different parts of the plant have different strengths of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC as we know it as. In cannabis plants tetrahydrocannabinol is the part which gives the user a high. It makes the user feel relaxed, and can bring on laughter and the munchies. 

cannabis addiction

Symptoms of Cannabis addiction

If you smoke cannabis you are heading for a multitude of problems. These are as follows.

1/ Paranoia

2/ Schizophrenia

3/ Depression

4/ Psychosis

5/ Hallucinations

6/ Anxiety

Although dealers and so called friends will tel you “its less harmful than cigarettes”. It is not. 

Cannabis addiction withdrawal

Once you stop cannabis, you will suffer from depression in most cases. Anxiety and frustration and be irritable. This is normal. This will not last for many days, but stick with it. You will get through it. It is always hard to give something up. You should get the same sort of symptoms as giving up smoking cigarettes. 

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