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Private Rehab options

Private Rehab options

private rehab options. drug and alcohol rehab centres

Private rehab options. Rehabilitation and detox through the private system is the quickest way forward, and quite frankly the best option for anyone who can afford to do it. And the good news is, the prices are much lower now than they ever use to be. There are no waiting lists privately, and you can come in today, to start your treatment. This is very different to the NHS addiction process which takes many months or years before you get referred. 

You will find private residential rehab centres for alcohol addiction are better structured for the client. All detox treatment is tailored to the individuals needs. Treatment care is 24 hours in all good centres. The clients chances of recovery has a much higher privately, than with the NHS. 

Privately all treatment is tailored to the individual needs, and the clients length of addiction is dependant on the treatment given, and the length of their stay. This is  different for all clients, hence the treatment is different. Not a mass program which the NHS offer. Private treatment centres for addiction go much further into the clients history with work, and family to establish the best approach for recovery. 

Private Detox

Private addiction treatment always starts with a detox to stabilise the client, and make them comfortable from the start followed by therapists and counsellors etc. The counselling in private residential rehab centres is invariably done with group sessions. You will find the groups are small as is the number of people in private care. One to one is also done once a week, as too often has a negative effect. A lot of the counselling is CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy) which works best with addiction. 

Our residential rehab treatment centres include furry friends, (therapy dogs) we also include music, art, massage, etc our treatment. Plus we have our own chef who cooks all the right nutrition for the clients needs. We also offer family support if needed.

Private residential treatment centres – advantages

It is more money to get in the private system. But is is much more effective. So over time it works out cost effective. Here are many other advantages. 

1/ Private residential rehabilitation is tailored to the individual rather than the group.

2/ Clients have the choice of where they want to go for treatment.

3/ There is much more offered in private care.

4/ For a better environment during your stay in rehab, private centres gardens, spars, gyms, swimming pools etc(Not all centres have this)

5/ Your own room or shared if you prefer.

6/ fast track programs are available.

7/ Private rehab centres are totally confidential. 

8/ More qualified staff for addiction as better investment available.

9/ Better doctors etc as better pay can be offered.

10/ Higher success rate. Normally around 85%

We are here if you would like any help or advice about any addiction matters. Call 07811 606 606 and speak to a counsellor now. Open 24/7

So what are the disadvantages of private residential treatment centres – Private rehab options

Mainly cost. But we can offer you the most affordable rehab centres in the UK, as well as other centres.

The NHS is a free service, but you will have to wait a long time until you get treatment, and by that time it maybe too late. Plus the other sad part of an NHS detox is they do not have tailored plans for individuals. You will need to attend many meetings etc with your local DAAT before you will be considered.

You often find with an NHS rehab facility, it is only open during the week. It is also well documented that NHS rehab programs have a much lower success rate. So in short. If you can afford to come into private care, do it. With addiction it is more successful privately and better facilities. Also your detox will be much more comfortable and done over a longer period..

Private rehab options offer specialised addiction treatment services in a private setting. These facilities typically provide a comprehensive range of services and amenities to support individuals in their recovery journey. Here are some features commonly associated with private rehab options:

  1. Residential Treatment: Private rehab centres often offer residential or inpatient treatment programs where individuals live on-site for a designated period. This immersive environment provides 24/7 support, a structured schedule, and a safe space for individuals to focus solely on their recovery.

  2. Individualised Treatment Plans: Private rehabs typically develop personalised treatment plans tailored to each individual’s specific needs. The treatment plan may include a combination of medical, therapeutic, and holistic approaches to address the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of addiction.

  3. Medical Detoxification: Private rehab centres often provide medically supervised detoxification services to help individuals safely manage withdrawal symptoms when necessary. Medical professionals monitor the detox process and may administer medications to alleviate discomfort and ensure safety.

  4. Therapy and Counselling: Private rehab centres typically offer various forms of therapy and counselling, including individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and specialised modalities such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) or dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). These therapies help individuals address the underlying causes of addiction, develop coping strategies, and foster personal growth.

  5. Holistic Approach: Many private rehab centres incorporate holistic therapies and activities into their programs, such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, equine therapy, or mindfulness practices. These activities promote overall well-being, stress reduction, and self-discovery.

  6. Aftercare and Continuing Support: Private rehab centres often provide comprehensive aftercare planning and ongoing support. This may include assistance in transitioning back to daily life, relapse prevention strategies, outpatient counselling, and support group referrals to maintain long-term recovery.

  7. Privacy and Comfort: Private rehab centres prioritise individual privacy and often offer comfortable, upscale accommodations. The serene environment, luxurious amenities, and personalised care contribute to a more comfortable and supportive treatment experience.

It’s important to note that private rehab options typically come at a cost, and the specific pricing can vary based on the facility, location, duration of treatment, and level of amenities provided. It’s recommended to research and compare different private rehab centres, read reviews, and inquire about their treatment approaches, success rates, and available financial options.

Consulting with a healthcare professional, addiction specialist, or a treatment placement specialist can help you navigate the process and make an informed decision regarding the most suitable private rehab option for your specific needs and circumstances.

What extras to expect with private alcohol treatment – Private rehab options

Private rehab options. All private residential rehab centres work on what is called the 12 step program. This was produced by the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) many years ago. The difference between private rehab centres is, they tweak the program to suite their centre, and which works best for them.

12 step program is mainly about understanding you are powerless against your addiction, and finding a greater God to deal with the issue. That is all well and good, but as there are so many religions in the UK nowadays. It needs to be more open than originally intended. They still rely on God for help. Amit to others where they have gone wrong etc. 

The other main part in residential rehab centres is to restore family and friends, and loved ones relationships. This is a great part of the healing process where relationships broke down due to the clients addiction. 

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