Addiction treatment and detox
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Private or NHS

Private or NHS

NHS or private drug and alcohol detox and rehab

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Private or NHS

Private or NHS. If you or someone you know has an addiction to alcohol, then the best way for them to get well is through a residential rehab centre or an alcohol home detox program. The main cure for an alcohol addiction is what is known as a medical detox. Addiction is not something which can be left. It needs dealing with now. Otherwise our addiction will only get worse. Alcohol addiction generally brings on mycological issues and physical issues. These consist of cravings, sickness, upset stomach, headache and even blacking out.  

If you are talking to someone with addiction it is best to find out when they want treatment. They could still be in denial. 

The right time for alcohol addiction treatment 

The answer is now! The sooner you start your treatment the quicker you will get well. Plus the less alcohol you will be continuing to poor into your body. Most people will know when the time is right. When they see their physical health deteriorating, losing their job, finding it had to work, their relationship failing etc. 

Alcoholism causes the following issues – Private or NHS

1/ the main one is cravings

2/ psychological and physical problems

3/ feeling down and upset

4/ not being able to control; their addiction

5/ angry and aggressive to others 

Health issues caused by alcoholism

1/ not feeling hungry

2/ skin issues

3/ blacking out

4/ shakes

The big problem with addiction is the amount of people if effects. Family and friend, work colleagues etc. albeit a person who has an addiction is very good at hiding it. More so due to embarrassment.  People can also get cross and argumentative is asked about their addiction to alcohol. 

It is well documented that addicts will go to all lengths to get money for their habit. Stealing, lying, begging etc So where possible it is best to get help before the addicts life is ruined. That is physically and mentally. Addiction causes life threatening illnesses, and in a lot of cases will be fatal. 

It is very hard to function in everyday life, and a lot of people with an addiction do tend to end up unemployed, out of work as not being able to hold a job down. 

What a lot of people don’t know is you can past the point of no return when it comes to a detox. What I mean by that is, you have drunk too much alcohol for a detox to work. Its is now just a matter of time until you die. It sounds harsh, but that is the cold reality. 

But saying that, get help now, however long you have had your addiction. The sooner you approach this, the greater your chance of survival with no further medical issues. 

Your alcohol treatment options (UK)

Basically there is Private or NHS options. Private is the treatment you pay for and NHS is the free option. But don’t get excited, it takes a long time to get help through the NHS. It is never immediate. 

The National Health Service (UK)

As we all know the NHS is a free option due to public funding. But getting help for an alcohol addiction through the NHS is never easy. You will need to be referred by the NHS for treatment. The treatment is nothing like the private options, and that is if you even get any help. 

The main option the NHS offer is group session through your local community drug and alcohol team. They do not detox there. They believe you stop yourself. It is not a detox program. It is their way with dealing with addiction. It does not work! It is very hard just to stop drinking, or reducing down your daily amount until you can stop. It would be lovely if it did work. People would never have to go to private rehab centres again. This is against Privately, were you will have a tailored medical detox which is comfortable, safe, and it works!

The NHS sessions are also weekly, or monthly etc. This makes the program even harder to help the client. On top of that, the waiting list is horrendous. The success rate of giving up drinking for good through the NHS is poor, and well documented throughout Google. 

So the long and short of all this is, to get private treatment if you want to get well. It is affordable now, not like it use to be.