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Understanding Secondary care

Understanding Secondary care

secondary care drug and alcohol addiction

What is secondary care

Understanding Secondary care. So what is secondary care. Well as it sounds. It is the second part of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Not all clients need secondary care. It is normally for clients who have been in primary care for a minimum for 8 to 12 weeks. The idea of secondary care is to rehabilitate clients back into society. It is the final stage in treatment. But not out of treatment. Out of treatment clients often carry on with aftercare and AA meetings. 

How does it work

It works a way where clients are slowly introduced back into normal society. So this would consist of taking clients shopping etc. The things that you and I find normal, in everyday life. It is an important step for a lot of clients in rehab centres today. 

Do all clients need it

No. It all depends on the client and their needs. For most clients secondary care is not needed. It tends to be for clients who have had a long term addiction to drugs or alcohol. Where the client has forgotten about real life and how to look after themselves. Clients who needs adjusting back into society. For me I was an alcoholic. And a long term alcoholic. But I did not need it or aftercare. Everyone is different. 

How long is secondary care

Understanding Secondary care. It is as long as necessary. Again every client is different. No two clients are the same. Most clients tend to spend 4 weeks there, and some go right up to 12 weeks. The client tends to know when enough is enough and they can stand on their own two feet comfortably. I use to think this was just a way for rehab centres to make more money. But now seeing this, and how it has helped so many clients. I tend to think it is an important part of recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.  

Which centres offer secondary care

Surprisingly, not many. Some rehab centres will claim to do it, and just keep you at the primary care rehab centre. This is not the way to do secondary care. It is totally different to primary care rehab. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is important, and needs to be done right. We have separate units (centres) which are purely for secondary care. There are no primary care clients in these units. It just would not work. 

Is it expensive

It is much more affordable than primary care. It is normally about half the price for primary care or just over. So if primary care was 10 thousand pounds for example. Secondary care should be around 6 thousand pounds. This is because there is no detox medication needed. Fewer counsellors needed etc. hence overheads are much less, hence the price is much less. It is a much different model to primary care. 

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I have been through addiction, and know what you are going through. If you would like some free help and advice, my name is Mark and you can call me anytime on 07811 606 606. My phone is on all the time I am awake, and I always welcome every calI received. 

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