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Do you really want help

Do you really want help

Do you really want help with addiction

Do you really want help. I thought I would just write a page about the kinds of denial we come across. We came across lots of different situations which might relate to your loved one with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. So I felt it important to log them down.

I will go to rehab, but I am not doing the 12 step program.

Do you really want help. This  is a very common for us to hear this. There has to be a structure to a rehab program where ever you go. Everybody uses the 12 step program. Ok, we all tweak it to what we feel works best for the client. But underneath it is all the 12 step program.  So why would your love one say this? Is it because they do not want to mix. Or they really do not want to engage in a rehab program. Is it because they are not really ready to give up. Yes it is all of these things. This is the wrong time to offer them residential rehabilitation. They are not ready.

Think about it. So they go to rehab, and do not engage. They spend their entire time in their room. This causes isolation, and isolation is what is most likely to have caused they addiction in the first place. It is where they feel safe now, so their head is telling them.  Plus it is again an excuse to say, “well I tried, but no one would have me”. Rubbish. They have not tried, and they are playing a dangerous game with their health, life etc. 

I am not giving my address – Do you really want help

Do you really want help. Here is another classic case of denial. We had this the other day on an alcohol home detox. The lady was all set to have an alcohol home detox, or so she said. And when it came to sorting out her script for medication, she said she would not give us her address. The address is needed for the script, and is totally confidential. No one is allowed to give her address out under data protection. But a pharmacy has to have an address to put against a script, for legal reasons. So why is this lady saying this. The simple reason is she does not want to give up. But now in her eyes she can say, “well I tried to do it” which is nonsense. So now she will feel she can carry on drinking. 

Only fooling yourself

This terrible battle with addiction for the client, is just a battle between them and their head. Their head is telling them to carry on, and find all sorts of excuses. Deep down they will know this. If you would like to talk to us about denial, or anything else on this website. Please get in touch. Our number is: 07811 606 606