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Why rehab?

Why rehab?

Do I need rehab? drug and alcohol addiction centres

Why Rehab? If you have an addiction caused by trauma, or childhood issues, which most addictions are. You will have a much better long term chance of recovery by doing rehabilitation, than if you do not. On the other hand, if the client has been too rehab before. I feel they do not need to keep going back. A detox will be fine, as they have done the rehabilitation. 

With our alcohol home detox programs. The client does not have the rehabilitation, and the success rate is extremely high. So it really is, in some cases, down to the individual. 

Drug or Alcohol Detox – Why rehab?

It is important to have a detox, as that removes the substance (drugs or alcohol)  from the clients body to which the client is addicted to. 

The important thing with rehabilitation after your detox are. 

1/ It finds the underlying issues which caused your addiction in the first place. This is important for the client to understand why they are in the situation they are in, and once they know, they know not to get in it again. 

2/ with our residential rehab centres we have our own chef who will help restore your natural appetite. This is done through the clients rehabilitation, and the chef will cook all the right nutrition for the clients needs. 

3/ with rehabilitation the client will get their natural sleep pattern restored. This is a major part of recovery. Once the clients sleep pattern is restored they will feel better and be able to concentrate and understand much easier. 

4/ when in our rehabilitation centres, the client with be helped through the phycological aspects of addiction. This again is a major part in the recovery program. 

5/ the final part of rehabilitation is to set the client up with coping mechanisms. This is to stop the client falling back in to their addiction. 

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