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Affordable Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres uk
Drug alcohol rehab Cardiff

Drug alcohol rehab Cardiff

drug alcohol rehab Cardiff

Drug alcohol rehab Cardiff

Drug alcohol rehab Cardiff. Adus healthcare is proud to offer residential drug and alcohol rehab and Detox facilities in the Cardiff area. Treatment drug and alcohol addiction has never been easier and more affordable than it is today. Treatment drug and alcohol addiction has never been easier and more affordable than it is today. 

Our residential rehab centre in Cardiff has helped hundreds of people since it opened just a couple of years ago. This is a fully residential rehab centre where all your food etc is provided for you by our on site chefs. A Cardiff clinic has a very high success rate due to the level of care taken in its detox programs and residential rehab programs.

The steps of treatment – Drug alcohol rehab Cardiff

A detox is the first stage in a residential rehab treatment centre followed by a rehabilitation program set by the residential rehab centre. This is generally the 12 step program. Our aim is to have a substance free life after rehab. And a long-term abstinence from your addiction. Treatment in Cardiff residential rehab centre will be up to 12 weeks. After your stay in residential really happy continue your treatment through your local community Drug and alcohol team or an aftercare programs which are available for everybody who enters residential rehab centre program to withdraw from drug or alcohol. 

After you have been through one of our residential Rehab treatment programs in Cardiff you will find your life will be back on track. There may be the odd trigger that makes you want to return to your addiction. We will give you a number to call if you ever think you’re going to relapse and full support will be given. It’s a long battle addiction, and we will get you through it.

With dedication and determination and working as a team we will get you through your addiction where you will abstain from alcohol or drugs for the rest of your life. Your medical detox will take up to 7 days if it’s alcohol and a little bit longer if it’s a drugs detox.

There are two stages to treatment which are Detox and rehabilitation. I’ll Cardiff clinic has a proven track record on providing the top level of care available. Our goal has always been to help you break your addiction and live a normal happy free life without the discomfort of addiction and withdrawal.

How long should I come in to rehab for?

The longer you stay in a residential rehab centre, the more chance you have over life free of drugs or alcohol depending on your addiction. A three month stay in one of our residential rehab centres is not uncommon and has proved to be highly successful. If a client has a long-term addiction being realistic, they are not going to get well after a seven day detox. Clients with a long-term addiction will need longer in a residential rehab centre.

Most clients will come in for four weeks or 28 days. If they feel any longer they we can extend for up to 12 weeks. Whether or not to extend it’s normally decided by the healthcare professionals. The length of time also is determined by the clients budget. We will do our best to put you to the most affordable and suited residential rehab centre for your needs.

Brain function and addiction

If a client has had an addiction for sometime it will show changes in the way the brain functions. The changing brain function will last a long time. Even if the client has been detoxed and through a rehabilitation program. This is why it is imperative that clients and professional help. If they want to quit their addiction to drugs and alcohol as battling cravings can go on for sometime. 

At Adus healthcare, we are committed in helping clients get back to normal life. A drug free life and abstain from alcohol or drugs for the rest of their life. We are dedicated to helping clients and their families restore relationships and build a better family unit. We would like our clients to function in society. This is only made possible by a tailored medical detox where withdrawal is that a minimum.

It is common knowledge that the best way forward to beat on addiction is through a residential rehab centre. Residential rehab centres have help 1000’s of clients month in and month out. This in turn has reduced crime in the UK. We have also found that the client invariably ends up in a new career.  For work and has a fulfilled life.

Contact us – Drug alcohol rehab Cardiff

If you would like more details of a residential rehab centres in Cardiff, call our team today on telephone (07811) 606606. We are here 24 hours a day every day of the year.


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