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Help with Sexual Addiction

Help with Sexual Addiction

sexual addiction

Help with Sexual Addiction. Sexual addiction or sex addiction, (same thing) can be devastating for anyone who has it. It brings on shame, guilt and depression. It can create anxiety as the person is usually leading a double life. Can end relationships, and destroy families. This can lead to suicide. 

Sexual addiction is a real addiction, and is on the list of addictions found on the world health organisations website. The same as a drug or alcohol addiction. As with all addictions, they will only get worse without treatment.

Don’t get me wrong. Under normal circumstances sex between couples should be enjoyable, fun, loving and relaxed. But if you find you have an addiction to sex, it will be as bad as another addiction. Including alcohol and drugs.

Sex addiction symptom

Help with Sexual Addiction. I think most men would like to think they have a sexual addiction, but believe it or not, they don’t. Here are a list of signs of sexual addition.

1/ Bigger risk while having sex

2/ Thinking about sex hours before to build excitement

3/ Impulsive sex, or not being able to control your sexual feelings

4/ Not caring who you have sex with

5/ Sexual addiction of causing issues in other parts of your life

6/ All you thing about is sex

7/ You feel sad, upset, embarrassed, guilt

8/ Telling yourself things will change

If you are suffering form any of the above. Call us now on 07811 606 606

Sexual addiction – Physical effects

A sexual addiction is very different than a drug or alcohol addiction in respect of it will not kill you. But you can get sexually transmitted diseases or infection which can be very bad for. Plus HIV is some cases can stop you having sex and long term again in some cases can be fatal.


Unwanted pregnancy is another problem sexual addiction causes. As the risks taken during sex, ie taking a condom off during sex for a better feeling etc, or in the woman’s case taking the risk as forgotten to take the pill etc. As we all know having a child is life changing. 

Recognised addiction

This is a recognised addiction, and does warrant treatment. The same as any other addiction. And also the same as any other addiction. If not treated, it will only get worse. If you are paying for sex is will be affecting your finances. It can also effect your job if you have sex on your mind all the time and opposite members of sex in the same building. Or same sex members, depending on your choice.

Sexual addiction can also effect your relationship with friends who know what you are doing. They my found you disgusting, cheap, tarty, and not someone to hang about with. Your friends might think they will be tarred with the sam brush if they hand about with you. And no one wants that. 

What happens when addicted

A sexual addiction is not just for men. Women suffer from it too. And like all addictions it has the same negative characteristics and consequences. Compulsion and obsession. And progresses like all addictions without treatment. People with a sexual addiction will think about it all the time. Where they are going to get their next partner from. How long the will have with them. What they can do to them etc. and this gets worse until effects family, relationships, friends etc.

Types of addiction

The main one is lots of different partners and mastication. But others include sex while on stimulants or other drugs, and pornography. Unlawful or abusive sex is also comes from people with a sexual addiction.

Who gets a sexual addiction

It can happen to anyone, but we are finding it seems to stems from people with mental health issues, people with a traumatic childhood, people from a dysfunctional family background. People who do have a sexual addiction do need sex often to satisfy their addiction.

People with a this condition generally do not get any pleasure from sex. They have a total disregard for the partner involved. As with all addictions they will need more. So their sex will become more risky to satisfy their addiction. Sex is like a drug they cannot live without. If you feel you may have a sexual addiction, do get in touch. We can help you. Call Tel; 07811 606 606

Fetish – Sexual addiction

Sexual fetishes are normally a feet fetish or dressing up fetish. Both are not a sexual addiction, but in a few cases are the symptoms of a sexual addiction. Sexual fetish can become a problem. If a person can no longer get excitement unless the partner is dressed up etc, then this will become a problem in a relationship or other.

It is very hard for a person who has a sexual addiction or fetish to become intimate. It is just the act of sex which they are interested in and not the person. This obviously becomes a big issue in a relationship or with a partner for the first time.   

It a sexual addiction normal

For a person with who is suffering. All they think about is sex. All they want is sex. And they get nothing from it. This causes desires and annoyance. They are missing out on the intimacy of love making.

Drugs and alcohol – Sexual addiction

GHB and Cocaine are popular with sex as they tighten the experience and a man can perform much longer on these drugs. Also it removes a lot of inhibitions, and sex can be much more risky and exciting to both partners.


SAA – Sex Addicts Anonymous

SLAA Sex Love Addicts Anonymous

If you are suffering, or think you are suffering with a sexual addiction, call 07811 606 606 for4 help and advice.

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