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Affordable Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres uk
Drug alcohol rehab Liverpool

Drug alcohol rehab Liverpool

drug alcohol rehab Liverpool

Drug alcohol rehab Liverpool

Drug alcohol rehab Liverpool. We have two residential rehabilitation centres available in Liverpool. We have an affordable centre, and an executive centre setting 600 acres. If you’re suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and you live in the Liverpool area or surrounding areas, we can definitely help you. It is well recorded that Liverpool has a high density of drug users and alcoholics. We know it is hard for you to admit you have an addiction and it’s very healthy to come forward. And our centres are discreet and everything we do is fully confidential. All we are interested in is getting you well.

Liverpool rehab assessment

When you call Adus healthcare, we will do a short assessment table asked to make sure we are offering you the correct treatment for your addiction. It is important we offer you the best treatment we possibly can which is suited to your needs. There is no charge for our services as we are a free helpline. Our goal is to get to the right treatment at an affordable price, and a treatment that will work for you. We have a team of psychotherapists, counsellors, doctors, nurses, counsellors, healthcare workers, support workers, and reception staff all willing to help you. We are very active in Liverpool and our Liverpool alcohol fully residential rehab centre can cater for your needs. Both the centres we have available in Liverpool include all your food, treatment and rehabilitation programs.

Adus Healthcare in Liverpool

Adus healthcare has been offering fully private residential Rehab and Detox facilities in Liverpool since 2009. If you would like help or advice on residential rehab in Liverpool then caller Liverpool team now on telephone (07811) 606606. We will assess your needs and put you on the right program to successfully enable you to abstain from drugs and alcohol for life. There are many benefits and different addiction treatments available in Liverpool. But I need to offer fully residential Rehab and Detox in Liverpool, but we also offer a highly successful home detox program. Contact us for details on any of the above.

Addiction in Liverpool 

The progressive disorder. What I mean by this is it only ever gets worse without treatment. It never gets better without treatment. So intern this means you do have to act on this addiction and you will need treatment. Some people can go through life drinking and taking recreational drugs without ever getting addicted. But in the main most people do get addicted especially to drugs. These are not only illegal drugs, but over-the-counter drugs, horse prescribed drugs. Whatever drugs you are addicted to Liverpool residential rehab centres are quite capable we dealing with your addiction. You’ll receive 24 hour nursing in both our centres in Liverpool. And the care is 2nd to none.

Community drug and alcohol team Liverpool

You do have your local community drug and alcohol teams in Liverpool, which are sadly inundated with clients. This puts immense pressure on your local community teams and sadly affects the care they are able to give you. This is why people come into private care. Private care can be expensive, but we do have an affordable centre in Liverpool to cater for all budgets. Our main aim is to get you well, and make sure you abstain from drugs or alcohol for the rest of your life. That is why all are essentially have sent as in Liverpool offer after-care. This may be a case of you coming back to the centre once a week, or junior after-care through your local community Drug and alcohol team.

Medical tailored detox

As with both of the residential rehab centres in Liverpool, we offer a tailored medical detox. This is tailored to your needs and your addiction. We want your stay in our Liverpool residential rehab centres to be as comfortable as possible. That is why we offered 24 hour nursing care throughout the duration of your stay. At no point will you be left on your own. Your treatment will be safe comfortable and in a tranquil environment. Our clinical team will dispense your medication responsibly and on time. Personally believe there has never been a bit of time to start treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol. We will also cover the mental health issues of things like anxiety, depression which generally go hand-in-hand with addiction.

The 12 steps program

All residential rehab centres in the UK tend to work with a 12 step program. This was set up by the Alcoholics Anonymous many years ago and has been the favourite program ever since. This is not a religious program as it has sometimes been called, it is about the other self, about you, about how you deal with yourself. In this day and age with all the different religions it will be impossible to have a program which was religious based. We sometimes hear clients saying they do not want to do the 12 step program and this is generally because they are in denial and do not actually want to come into treatment. The 12 step program works and has been used for many years.


If you do not have a program to work towards, you’ll be taking your medication on a daily basis and then sitting in your room. This creates isolation and invariably isolation is what has caused your problem in the first place. Isolation causes a lot of addictions. Other courses for addictions maybe abuse when you were younger, childhood memories, and in most cases addiction tends to start from childhood memories. A rehab program where are you sat in your room all day not be constructive I will not help you get through your addiction. You need to be kept busy during your stay in Rehab, and this is the way it will take your mind off your addiction, and he can move forward. Plus the program we offer will explain everything you need to know about your addiction why have an addiction, and what caused it in the first place.


Residential rehab centres in Liverpool all offer after-care once you have completed your rehabilitation program and Detox. Your after-care can be a matter of you calling the rehab centre once a week, or engaging with your local community drug and alcohol team. Your treatment does not end when your program ends and with most addictions it is a lifelong battle to stay clean for your attention. I know several people I have been to a rehab in Liverpool years ago, and are still engaging with a local community drug and alcohol team, AA and NA programs to remain clear from their addiction.

Contact us 

If you’d like to know more about our residential rehab centres in Liverpool, and call our team today on telephone (07811) 606606. We welcome all the calls are received, and we are here 24 hours a day every day of the year. Addiction can be a thing in the past and we have hundreds of clients every year.

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