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GHB / GBL Addiction

GHB / GBL Addiction

GHB GBL Addiction

GHB / GBL Addiction is an anaesthetic when used by hospitals. It is a prescribed medication and is a Class C drug under the Substance Misuse Act 1971. GBL is almost the same thing. It converts to GBL in the body. 

GHB / GBL Symptoms

Trust my you can be dependant on GHB / GBL if used for a long time, as you can with all illegal drugs. If people tell you, “you can’t”. Then they sadly are wrong. We deal with the consequences of addiction all day, everyday and we do know. And yes it is very dangerous, and you can go into withdrawal from GHB /GBL. The withdrawal of GHB / GBL is like withdrawal from alcohol or Benzos. 

GHB / GBL Effects

It is one of those drugs where the users cannot remember much about what happened. Date rape drug. This is also a party drug used a lot by the gay community, and also used in sex parties. It makes the user do sexual things they would not normally do as it increases the desire to be much more risky during sex. 

GNB / GBL Sexual assault 

GBL is used in crime cases especially sexual assault and rape cases. As with most drugs on the streets today sold by drug dealers, the strength of the drug can never be known, as it it sold in all different strengths depending what has happened to it before the user gets hold of it.  

GHB / GBL  Taste a look

GHB / GBL are both sold in liquid form. They have no smell and no colour. Like water. But the texture is oily. It can also be in a white powder like Cocaine and can be snorted by the user for an instant high. It also looks lie Ketamine in its powder form. The taste of GHB / GBL is salty, so look out for this taste in drinks if you are in a club. It will be quite hard to taste with a drink, but the taste is there. This is what is called “spiking drinks”.  You are then open to sexual assault and rape. Your memory will be very hazy in the morning. 

Is it addictive – GHB / GBL addiction 

Unlike other addictive drugs, with GHB / GBL they are more for recreational use. Users do not get addicted to the drug like Heroin or Cocaine, but it is addictive, and you can be addicted. 

But users do get addicted the the effects it has on their sexual desire. It also help sexual performance. So it is more of a psychological addiction or physical addiction for sexual desire. It also enhances sexual performance which is another addictive trait. 

GHB / GBL are they safe

No. As with all illegal drugs they are very dangerous if used outside the environment they are meant to be used in. If taken, you sexual desire will highly increase, which is not your normal behaviour when sober. Again with al illegal drugs, if you mix them with other illegal drugs, it can be fatal. You also need to remember that if everyone in the room is high on drugs. No one will be able to summon help if one of you gets ill. Because no one will know one of you is ill.  

Am I addicted – GHB / GBL addiction

Firstly if you are reading this page, then there is a high chance you are, or someone you know is. Lime all addictions, it is easy to tell if you are addicted, as you would not be able to stop taking the drug. This is where we can help you. Call: 07811 606 606 now. Here is a list of signs of addiction for GHB / GHL

1/ You are taking more than you use to

2/ If it now taking over your life

3/ It is effecting your relationship

4/ People are telling you, you have a problem

5/ Drugs is all you think about. When you can next use etc

6/ You take more than you wanted 

7/ You suffer from suicidal thoughts 

8/ Withdrawal has kicked in

9/ Depression and feel isolated 

10/ You thing about the times you have had on GHB / GBL

11/ It is effecting you job, health and family

12/ It is costly too a lot of money

If you are suffering from any of the above, then maybe it is time to seek help. We are available 24 hours a day. Even if you just want some free help and advice. 


I get asked a lot about withdrawal to all drugs. And how long does it last, as no one wants to go for a detox with knowing how long the detox will last. With GHB / GBL it can last anything from 10 to 14 days. and as with all addictions, withdrawal can last longer depending on the clients use, age, amount taken etc. 

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