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Withdrawal – My experience 

My own experiences of withdrawal were not as bad as everyone makes out. I believe for most people this is all in the mind. The thought of giving up drinking is always hard, as you think why me? Why should I give up? My drinking isn’t that bad. But the truth is, your head is telling you all this. The same as your head is saying withdrawal is going to be really difficult. To be honest, it is just denial. 


Let’s think about this logically. Why do you think it is going to be so hard to stop drinking? It is because your head is telling you so. But the truth is you are only addicted to alcohol. So if you are given medication which your body thinks is alcohol, you body will be fine. Hence no withdrawal. And nothing to worry about. It really is that simple. 

Who is involved

When you have issues with your intake of alcohol, you feel the whole world is involved. But think about it. The only people involved with the direct side of your addiction, is you and your head. That is it. So is withdrawal difficult? No because you are getting medication to deal with this. But your head is saying yes! Why should you give up drinking? For health reasons, Yes. But your head is telling you there is nothing wrong with your health. And so it goes on. 

My drinking friends – withdrawal

I use to drink with a lot of people, and all the main people I use to drink with are sadly no longer with us. And these were really lovely people who I will always remember. The most surprising thing was is, they all dies of a stroke in their late 40’s early 50’s. I was the lucky one. I just got kidney failure and spent seven months on dialysis before I had a kidney transplant from my brother at St George’s hospital in London. That was on the 2nd of September 2009. It is now 2022. Believe it or not, that saved my life as I never drank alcohol again. 


So going back to withdrawal. It is not something you need to worry about. It is going to make you well. You are going to get your life back. You can rebuild family relationships regardless of what your head says. Yes you can. Trust me, I have been there. It is not that difficult. 

Get help – withdrawal

I help so many clients every year, and have done since 2009 after my transplant, who have an addiction issue, whether it is drugs or alcohol. The amazing thing is with the clients with an alcohol addiction who have all been through one of our addiction programs at one of our residential rehab centres, or through our alcohol home detox programs all say , “I wish I had of done that years ago”. 

How do you feel after a detox

For me it was like coming out of a cloud of chaos. All of a sudden I could taste things again, hear and understand people, smell things. I felt like I was in a new world. A world which was clearer. A world I fitted in. I was no longer hiding. I was no longer a slave to alcohol. And YES, it does feel great. 

Talk to me

I am always available to chat if you would like any help with addiction or withdrawal. My phone is on all the time I am awake, so feel free to call me anytime, I welcome all the call I receive. Mark 07811 606 606å