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(Disclaimer: The Picture above is a Library Picture as all our centres are different inside)

What is a detox

We offer residential detox in our rehab centres, or an alcohol home detox. A detox is the term used for detoxification of a substance. In the drug and alcohol sense, it means to replace the substance you are addicted to, with safe medication. The medication stops you going into withdrawal, and the medication is reduced in a medically safe way, over a period of time, until you are clean from the substance you are misusing. Then you no longer need the medication. 

Does it hurt

No, quite the opposite. There is no pain. Think about it, how could there be. Let’s take an alcoholic. Instead of drinking alcohol, you are taking a pill which has the same effect. How can that hurt. For a drug addiction, it is the same, (different pills obviously) I do not know anyone who has taking a pill to make them well, which was painful. All we ever hear at our rehab centres from clients who have had an detox is “ I wish I had of done this years ago”. 

How many clients does a rehab centre have

Sone of our centres have a maximum of 7 while are bigger centres have normally around 11. We also offer supported housing to continue your treatment which is free. Plus secondary care in our other residential rehab centres. 

Are the staff friendly who detox clients

Yes. Very friendly. Our staff will never judge our clients. Our staff are there to help Clients and in most cases they go way about the level of care given. Again, all we want to achieve is the client getting well. 


How soon can I have a detox

A home detox we can start today, and if you call us in the morning, you can start your time in our rehab centres that afternoon. There is nothing holding you back. We will have a centre close enough to you. So call us now on 07811 606 606