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Quasi or fully residential?

Quasi or fully residential?

Quasi or fully residential? drug and alcohol rehab help

Quasi or fully residential? There are two types of residential rehab centres. Quasi Residential, which you live in a house 1 mile away from the rehab centre, and walk into the centres everyday. And others which you stay on site the whole time.

Which is best

The best is fully residential, and these are the reasons why.

1/ Fully residential has proper 24 our nursing. Quasi residential has a security guard on at night, who will make a call if anyone is not well. 

2/ Quasi residential you have to do all your own washing and cooking. Fully residential has an onsite chef who cooks all the right nutrition for your needs, and all your washing is done in house by the centres staff. 

z/ Quasi residential gives you a cheese roll type lunch, and a cup of tea, and everything else you have to pay for. So you need extra money on top of the cost of rehab. Normally around £80 a week. Fully residential, you get 3 cooked meals a day at no extra cost. It is all included. 

4/ Quasi residential tends to be less attractive, and much smaller buildings, as no one is sleeping there. Some do have a small detox unit attached, but nothing like a fully residential rehab centre. 

5/ Quasi residential is cheaper! But by the time you have added on extra money for food, you may as well go fully residential. 

If you are going to book yourself in to a residential rehab centre. Make sure you ask if it is “quasi residential”. I am personally not a fan of quasi residential, but saying that there are some very successful centres which work this way. It is down to the individual. 

Contact us – We ca help you

In strongly suggest, if you are thinking of going to residential rehab, call us before you book in. There is a lot you need to know. We are here 24 hours a day, and our number is 07811 606 606