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Supported Housing

Supported Housing

supported housing

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Supported Housing. Not may clients are aware of supported housing, as not many rehab centres offer it. It is basically the third stage of treatment which is available after the client has completed primary care, or secondary care for addiction to alcohol or drugs.  

There is an assessment process by the clients key worker, to make sure the client is willing to partake in supported housing and further treatment. The 3rd stage of residential rehab is also known as tertiary rehab.

How does it work

Supported housing, or tertiary treatment is a follow on treatment from primary care or secondary care. It is where clients who want to carry on treatment (3rd stage) are placed in housing where they can carry on their treatment still using our rehab staff from the centre which they first did their treatment.   

Why do supported housing

Some clients need to adapt back to sober living, and housing is a great way for clients to adapt. This is the final stage of treatment. Form here clients can safely leave treatment to independent live. 

Advantages of supported housing

So here are the benefits: 

1/  Men and women housing. Not mixed

2/  A fresh understanding back into normal life

3/  Help from friends also in housing 

4/  Support from local community drug and alcohol, teams

5/  Round the clock care for any issues

6/  For everyday life, clients have a dedicated manager

7/  Support meetings on a daily basis

8/  We drug test all clients on a regular basis

9/  Studying and finding gainful employment

10/ Clients are able to gain qualifications while in housing

 If you have had tour treatment anywhere in the UK. We are happy to offer supported housing to everybody who has completed either primary or secondary care. Everyone deserves a change. Call us on Tel: 07811 606 606 

Supported housing

A lot of clients feel happy carrying on their treatment. It gives them a chance to practice the things they have learnt in rehab centres, and gain full time employment, qualifications etc. This is a great way to rebuild a new life for the clients. 

We also offer housing to homeless clients, our clients who have broken all family ties. This is a great place for clients to feel happy and safe.  

With supported housing, the clients are well away from their dealer and bad influences. They are away from their out town. 

We are always here to help. If you or a loved one would like any help and advice, contact us now for more details on anything from this website or to do with addiction to drugs or alcohol. Tel: 07811 606 606