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Been Refused Rehab

Been Refused Rehab

Refused rehab

Refused rehab

If for some reason you have been refused help or rehab by your local council. The NTA will now investigate this for you. You can also call us here for help and advice on Tel: 07811 606 606. There will be a reason why you have been refused rehab or a detox and we can tell you why, and how to get round this. It might be something really simple. It is worth a chat.

Other options

There are always other options. So do not get disheartened. You may have been refused rehab because you re just not ready. Here are a list of reasons why you have been refused rehab.

1/ you are not ready

2/ you have been aggressive to a member of staff

3/ you are taking too many substances

4/ you are taking too much

5/ there are no places available

6/ the yearly budget for your local team has run out

Talk to us if you have been refused rehab

We help hundreds, if not thousands of clients every year. We can help you. Let us het you set up ready for a detox. We can explain what you need to do. We can help you. Call us today on Tel; 07811 606 606.

been refused rehab

Reasons why

There are many reasons why someone may be refused help. From anything from walking out of a detox unit, to being abusive or violent to staff. Or even something as simple as you did not turn up for a detox on the date you were given. This may well have been caused by a number of factors. We believe everyone should be given a chance. If you have no help using the link above. You may like to contact our team for more help and advice on Tel: 07811 606 606.