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Methadone addiction

Methadone addiction

methadone addiction

Methadone addiction. Used by addicts detoxing from heroin in rehab centres. It had now become another popular drug on the streets. This has created a new breed of methadone addicts who are now at high risk of overdosing on opiates as they use Heroin on top of taking Methadone. In our residential rehab centres we treat Methadone addiction. This is a highly addictive drug, and while a client is being treated with Methadone, we also need to make sure we treat the psychological effects at the same time. Also this maximises the success of the recovery. 

Withdrawal from Methadone addiction

The withdrawal symptoms when stopping Methadone are as follows. Pain in the clients joints and muscles. Stomach cramps and upset stomach. Feeling cold and sickness yet sweating and restlessness. Depression. Loss of appetite, and suicidal thoughts. Irritable and anxious. Runny nose and tears plus Dilated pupils.

How long is Methadone addiction withdrawal 

This depends on the amount the client is using. As a rule 8mm of Methadone will require an 8 weeks detox in rehab. And a 40mm will require a 4 weeks detox, and so on. Methadone takes the longest time to detox out of all the drugs. If you were just to stop (cold turkey) you would be suffering on your own for a minimum of 30 days. But you can also get Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, which will last for a year. Trust me. If you want to get off Methadone. Go to a proper rehab centre. That is your best option.  

Methadone Drug Class 

Methadone is a class A drug. (The highest category available). It is made from opiates which in hospitals is generally used for pain relief, as are all opioids. Heroin works in a way where it changes the brains thinking, and removes pain through the opioid receptors. It is also administered legally as a synthetic Heroin, stopping withdrawal from Heroin for clients. 

The higher the dose of Methadone you are taking, will mean the longer you will need to detox from it. So reducing as much as you can before you come into rehab will reduce the length of your stay in treatment. and also reduce the costs of your treatment. 

Methadone from your local Chemist

It is also used as a medication to substitute heroin addicts use of Heroin. So it is administered on a daily bases by your local chemist (Prescription only) to clients who are suffering from a Heroin addiction. This way the client is not at risk of an overdoes. 

Plus the Methadone issued is much safer as not mixed with other substance like Heroin will be. It also means the client can carry on a normal life without having to find money etc for Heroin. Methadone lasts 24 hours, so only needs to be given once a day. 

By using prescribed Methadone, the idea is to help reduce the governments cost of treatment programs. It also stops the chances of catching HIV. It stops the client committing crime, to get money for drugs which in turn keeps the prisons less full. Plus it reduces people dying from overdoses. 

The side effects of Methadone addiction 

The main idea of putting Heroin addicts on prescribed Methadone was, so they could get back into work. But the problem with Methadone is the side effects. These include weakness, depression (which seems to go hand in hand with all illegal drugs, and alcohol) tiredness, no motivation, sleepiness. This does not really help if ythe client wants a normal life. 

Reduction program changed

For some crazy unknown reason. The government decided to stop scrips of Methadone, and told clients they had to get treatment. This completely backfired, and the rate of overdoses sawed to it highest level for many years. Then on top of that, also HIV started to climb. Glasgow was the worse hit region. So Methadone is now back on a script. 

Prescribed Methadone benefits 

Once a Methadone script is at the correct level for the client, then the benefits are really quite good. 

They stop the client committing crime. It reduces Heroin withdrawal, It amount of Methadone can slowly be reduced, as and when the client is ready. Stops the risk of HIV. It works as a powerful painkiller, so stops all the aches and pains, which go hand in hand with a Heroin addiction. It last for 24 hours, so only needed to be taken once a day. Unlike Heroin which does not last long, hence you need to keep buying it. Also Methadone is free on prescription. There is no sharing needles, and you drink Methadone, so no injecting. 

There are downsides to taking Methadone

Despite the good things about taking Methadone to stop a Heroin addiction. There are downsides. These consist of mainly still the fact it is addictive. Plus the client will still crave for Heroin. Other side effects are tooth decay. Feeling shattered, and still being unable to work due to side effects. 

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