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Ketamine addiction

Ketamine addiction

Ketamine addiction

Ketamine addiction. Our centres offer treatment and detox for a Ketamine addiction. We are finding more and more that much longer clients are coming into rehab with a Ketamine addiction. Our programs for Ketamine addiction are from 2 to 12 weeks depending on the severity of the addiction. 

What is Ketamine used for

Ketamine is a drug used in hospitals all over the world as an anaesthetic and analgesic. The kind of operations where Ketamine is used, are operations where the patient is kept awake. Such as dislocations. 

Ketamine is a party drug to the masses who go to raves etc. It gives the user psychoactive effects. But as withal drugs, this is where it starts. From there people then become addicted to it and then their problems start. It is a very dangerous drug to use on a daily basis. 

Effects – Ketamine addiction

When used in hospitals, and medical centres which are safe environments, Ketamine is a great pain relief for patients. While the patient is being operated on, it makes the patient forget what is happening, and also makes them drowsy. This is perfect for operations where the doctors need the patient awake. It makes the patient more pliable which is good for the type of procedures the doctors are doing. Ie resetting bones or dislocations. If taken in large amounts, it will make the addict forget what is really troubling them in real life. By dangerously Ketamine brings on hallucinations which can be very dangerous to the addict. Sexual abuse then takes place, and the person who has been abused does never really remember what actually happened. 

Because Ketamine can paralysis the client in larger amounts. It is sometimes used in rape and sexual crimes. This is administered into people drinks in clubs and pubs. (Spiking drinks).   

Unbelievably Ketamine is also used for depression. But only in the short term. To doctors, this is an amazing drug, which used in a safe environment is a life saver. 

If you were to get addicted to Ketamine. You would not be able to stop the addiction without help. As this drug will take over your brains rational thinking. 

What does Ketamine looks like

Ketamine which is used in hospitals by doctors, is just a clear liquid. It does to smell and looks like water. If you were to buy Ketamine from a dealer on the streets. It is a white powder which in many ways is like Cocaine. 

How is it used – Ketamine addiction 

The  main way to take Ketamine which is bought off the streets is to snort it. (Sniff it up your nose). But there are several other ways to take it including mixing it in a drink. Crush it up with an LSD or Ecstasy tablet and snort it. Or ever smoke it using cigarette tobacco. 

How long does it last

Normally Ketamine abuse lasts for 24 hours. That is a long time to have no judgement on what you are doing. Plus is is very dangerous to be in that state for a long period of time, as it leaves the addict very valuable. The sad thing is it can cause death if taken with other drugs. Or worst case major organ failure. Either way you can die. It does effect the kidneys, and pain in the kidneys are common place for Ketamine users. Ketamine addiction is very damaging. 

Ketamine – Street names

Here are a list of street names / slang dealers and addicts use for Ketamine

1/ Vitamin K 

2/ Donkey dust

3/ Ket

4/ Special K

5/ Super K

6/ Cat Valium

7/ KitKat

8/ K

How to know if you have a Ketamine addicted

There are sign of Ketamine addiction, as there are will all drugs. Here are the common signs of addiction to Ketamine. If you are showing any of these sings, contact us right away. We can help you and you do need rehab treatment. 

1/ You have put your life at risk. Or someone else

2/ you cannot stop talking it, as hard as you have tried

3/ Go on massive drug binges 

4/ due to your intake, your mental stage has changed

5/ You are being told  by friends and family you have a problem

6/ It is hard to do normal everyday life without ketamine

7/ All you seem to thing about is drug taking 

8/ Your intake of Ketamine is getting greater to get the same effects

9/ You hate the drug, but still take, it as you have to

10/ Stealing to get money for drugs

Contact us for help with Ketamine addiction

Let us help you. It is a harder drug to get off than some of the other drugs out there. But we offer a tailored medical detox which will get you through the worst of your  Ketamine addiction. You cannot carry on the way you are going, if addicted to Ketamine. So call our team now on Tel: 07811 606 606 for immediate hep and advice.