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In Denial

In Denial

in denial

In Denial. It is very difficult to watch a family member or a loved one’s drinking spiral out of control and into an addiction. This is when denial sets in. Denial is used by all of us at some point in our lives. Maybe to justify our actions to ourselves or others whether it is consciously or subconsciously.

Common examples of this are a child hiding a bad report in fear of being told off, or someone dieting and saying, “one more cake won’t matter”, when knowing full well it does. That is denial. These examples are only minor examples, but for an alcoholic denial can be fatal. Alcoholics or individuals with drink problems will use denial to rationalise their way of thinking and behaviour.

In denial – The common symptoms

The common symptoms are blaming their parents for their problems, which constitutes blaming others for their behaviour. They may end up lying to friends and family and hiding alcohol around the house. They may act in anger or anything where they do not have to admit they have an addiction. “You’re nagging is the reason I started drinking in the first place”. They will say anything to get you to stop going on, and except their drinking is normal. It helps them believe they are ok.

This normally makes you feel, “well maybe everyone drinks like this, and I am just making a load of fuss over nothing”. This in turn can start loved ones off on the road to drinking. The sad part of all this is, these thought processes become a way of life, and denial becomes a part of you. This protects you from the truth as you don’t really understand addiction. The sad part is, the addiction will only get worse. It will never improve until someone can break through the denial.

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