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Heroin Detox

Heroin Detox

heroin detox

Heroin detox. If you have an addiction to Heroin, you really need to get help now. Call our team today on Tel: 07811 606 606. It could be the most important call you ever make and could save your life.

Heroin Detox

Heroin Detox – Most Heroin addicts tend to take Methadone as a way of detoxing from Heroin. Methadone is more addictive than Heroin most addicts claim. It is an awful drug as is gets right into your bones. It takes much longer to properly detox from.

The Methadone dose is very important to gauge the level of help the client is going to need. Also the level of time they will need to detox from the Drug. So for an addict using 20mls or less of Methadone per day, or if the client has never had, and has never used Methadone before, only Heroin, the preferred Detox regime would be to use Lofexadine. This would be introduced on the day the client is admitted to a detox unit. But before this is given on the first day, the centre will use a small amount of Methadone for the first dose, to help the transition of the person having used opiates regularly, and to eventually not having any opiates at all.  By giving a small dose of Methadone, it allows the Lofexadine to become established in the client’s blood stream.

Heroin Detox – As part of the detox to help with the aches and pains, which some clients may experience due to withdrawal, most detox units also use Remedeine (dihydrocodeine and paracetamol) and Ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory) plus to alleviate any anxiety, Oxazepam which is a short acting Benzodiazepine. For the first few nights Zopiclone (sleeping pills) may also be used to aid sleep. A detox using Lofexadine normally lasts for 10 days.


Heroin Detox – Subutex is sometimes used by Detox units, but is not the preferred drug for the clients as they will need to be clean for 36 hours (Rattle for 36 hours) before Subutex can be given, as if not, Subutex has the reverse affects and will bring on withdrawal.

Most rehabilitation centres, detox units, will offer things such as Massage. Acupuncture etc to help make the clients detox as comfortable as possible.

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