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Heroin addiction

Heroin addiction

heroin addiction

Heroin addiction. This is a very dangerous drug and causes all sorts of mental health issues once addicted which does n to take long. It is bought as a white or brown powder off the streets sold by drug dealers. It can be heated up which turns it into a liquid which can then be injected. This is normally heated up on a teaspoon. Some users will swallow it or snort it. 

Once taken it turns into a Morphine drug. But unlike normal Morphine. This is much stronger but surprisingly the effects do not last long. This is why user have to keep buying it.

Effects of Heroin addiction

Being an opiate, Heroin is a pain killer. The user feels no side effect while on Heroin, but feels deadfall once the effect have worn off. Hence needs more to feel normal again. Heroin effect the rain as does all drugs. With Heroin the effects are strong. The users feels completely relaxed. I asked a Heroin  addict of how he felt while on Heroin, and he replied “it is like have a cuddle from God”. Heroin releases lots of feel good chemicals into the brain. Users tend to lose all track of time while on Heroin.

Heroin is made of – Heroin addiction

Heroin is made from poppy seeds. Opiates. When it its purest form, it is around 96% pure. But dealers cut it (Mix it with other substances to make more which makes more money). By the time it comes on the streets it is around 18% pure. This is due to all the dealers down the line who have cut it to make more money. The big issue here is what it is cut with. In some cases bleach, rat poison etc it used. 

Is Heroin addiction dangerous

Yes. Very dangerous. It becomes even more dangerous depending on what it is cut with. We are seeing more and more cases of it being cut with a pain killer called Fentanyl. This is a pain killer, and a very strong pain killer. In fact it is over 50 times stronger than Morphine. The pole here is, if cut with Fentanyl it will lead i most cases to the user having an overdose. This can kill and does! Most long term users of Heroin die in their 40’s.

Users who inject Heroin which is contaminated with Fentanyl, and more likely to overdose. Once the addict has overdosed, there is no going back. The only way of getting back to normal is with professional medical help. If this is not available to addict will die. Time is of the essence here.

Damage to Heroin users is damage to veins if injecting. Risk of HIV if injecting. It brings on depression, can cause gang mental health, abscesses, organ failure, impotence, poisoning, and aching under the skin. Just to name a few of the issues.  

Recreational use – Heroin addiction

Amazingly I have known a few long term Heroin addicts who can hold down a job while being addicted to Heroin. Most are on a Methadone script. I can also say that not one of them like Heroin and all want to stop. But sadly cannot stop. 

In most cases heroin completely destroys lives. Destroys families, and ends up finishing the user. I believe addiction to Heroin can be prevented. But I also believe the user is never really over it. This is one drug you should stay away from. It will destroy your life.

The other thing you must thing about with all illegal drugs . Every penny you spend on illegal drugs, goes towards feeling crime.    

Things not to do to help a user – Heroin Addiction

Never give Heroin users money. This just compounds the problem, and never pay off dealers. Once you do that the dealer will know there is more money to be had from the family. They will them start giving the user as much as they want, and come to you for the money until you have nothing left. The problem is the users problem, not your. So never blame yourself. The user knew exactly what he was going onto be fore he started to use. 

Things to do to help a user – Heroin addiction

If this is a family friend, or relation or a loved one. Tell them to get help. Get them to call us. We can hep them. Tel: 07811 606 606. We offer private treatment and ways to get funding. Free rehab is also available. Places available. 


Is it hard to give up – Heroin addiction

Yes. it is. But it is much easier through the private system. The problem is this. There are a lot of symptoms which arise when giving up Heroin. These are Can sleep, feel sick, sweating, no hungry, hot and cold chills, panic attacks, high heart rate, depression, crying, and even users contemplate suicide. But if you can get through it, you are free. 

Heroin Street names

1/ Brown

2/ Smack

3/ H

4/ Dope

5/ Skag


Is Heroin addictive

If a user was to use Heroin on a daily bases for as little as 3 days. They would become addicted. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs on the street today. It is highly addictive. You only have to try it a few times, and you will be addicted. It is a very hard drug to get off. We see in rehab that people who were addicted to Heroin, always seem to go back to it. Even after 10 years, 15 years etc. Staying off heroin is very hard.

Drug dealers

Most dealers now sell Heroin with Crack Cocaine. So you would buy two white, one brown for sake of argument. That is 2 crack cocaine and on Heroin. Or 2 brown and one white/ That is 2 Heroin and 1 Crack Cocaine. I feel this is to get the user addicted to as much as possible, to bring in more revenue for the dealer.  

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