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Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction. A lot of gamblers do not even know they have a problem too gambling. And some do not even think it is an addiction you can get. Well it is a very recognised addiction, and something gamblers need to be aware of this. 

When a person cannot stop gambling regardless of how much they are losing, this is known as Pathological Gambling, or impulse control disorder or behavioural disorder. It has also been established that addiction too drugs or alcohol is no different to gambling and shows the same brain behaviours. 

Gambling risks – Gambling Addiction

Most of these are a little obvious, but i will go through them anyway. The main one is debt and relationship breakdown. Job loss and depression. Some people also get suicidal  thoughts thinking this is their best way to solve the problem. Let me tell you this. “Suicide is a permanent fix to a temporary problem”.  You can always get help and most of it is free help. 

Gambling on the increase

Gambling addiction has vastly increased since the internet started having so many gambling sites. I is now a major problem in the uk. This is why we have Gambling awareness all over the websites, and TV adverts. “Know when to stop”, “Know your own limits”, plus you can even set your limits on most gambling website now including the Nation Lottery. 

Mental health – Gambling Addiction

All addictions are sadly mental health. Not just gambling. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Because gambling addiction, as this is what we are talking about, is to do with an imbalance of the brains chemicals. It does respond well to treatment in the form of counselling. Gambling addiction does cause other mental health issues such as OCD believe it or not, and anxiety which is a big one, and depression which is a fairly obvious one. 

Compulsie Gambling

Gambling addiction is also known as compulsive gambling. This is where a person, regardless of how much they are winning, or losing. Or regardless of how it is effecting their work or relationship, still carry on gambling. It is when gambling has taken over the persons life. Compulsive gambling sadly is a brain disease, and treatment is needed for the client to get through this.  

Brain Chemistry – Gambling Addiction

With gambling being a winner then losing, winning then losing etc, this starts to effect the brain chemistry as it triggers the brain rewards, and pleasure system. That is how the addiction starts. The sad part is, once gambling has got hold of the person, there is no stopping them without professional help. They gamble just for the sake of it. It is not about winning or losing one you are addicted. It is all about the pleasure of gambling. The person is now completely out of control with their gambling. 

I can’t just stop

Gambling is addictive as the brain will release good feeling chemicals if the client wins. Pus the client will always think they will win soon. But sadly this is not always the case. This is why the client cannot stop. The big chance to put everything right. I very rarely happens, and if it did you will find an addicted client will still carry on until they have lost it again. Tye other big problem is teenagers. They are getting exposed at a young age to gambling.

Plus they do not find it hard to get credit cards, loans etc. Teenagers are at higher risk as their brains are still developing, so teenagers will take bigger risks. I feel as well, most teenagers do not have massive outgoings as a lot still live at home. So they do not have so much to lose if it goes wrong. What I mean by that is they generally do not have a family to support, a mortgage etc.   

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