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Free aftercare

Free aftercare

free aftercare

Free Aftercare. Once you have completed your primary and or your secondary care, the big question is aftercare. How does it work. Do you do aftercare. Free aftercare is a very 

important stage in the a the clients treatment. So whatever the clients addiction, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, gaming etc it helps keep the client focused on recovery, as it doesn’t just end after rehab. 

If we can keep the client from going back to their addiction, our work is done. So the longer we keep the client away from their addition, the better the chances are of a full long term recovery. That is why aftercare is so vital in the rehabilitation program. 

Denial is always a major issue with clients. Especially when the client thinks they are all sorted out. “Just one drink won’t hurt”. Yes it will. It will put a client right back into addiction. And with addiction, if you go back to it, it is normally 10x worse than their previous addiction. So aftercare is important t keep the client from a relapse. 

What does aftercare do

Aftercare is a great way to keep the client focused on their recovery. Share experiences, overcome hurdles, keep refreshed etc. It also mays the client aware they are not on their own. There are also able to keep in touch with friends they made in rehab and share thoughts about recovery from addiction, and see things differently from others suggestions. Plus they are also able to give help to others in their aftercare group. This is all an important stage of treatment. 

Where do I free Aftercare

A lot of clients like to do their aftercare with their local groups. For the obvious reason it is local and nine time out of ten, they have been there before. We offer aftercare at our centres of via the phone with our counsellors.  Our aftercare programs are free to anyone who has completed a full residential treatment program with us. Our aftercare programs are also given by our recovery workers who work at our rehab centres, as well as counsellors. 

Why aftercare

This works well for clients to discuss things which are upsetting them. Life outside the comfort of a rehab centre. Things they maybe worried about. It also keeps them focused to the job in hand. Recovery. We can also remind the client of certain things they may have forgot about while in rehab. 

After care on average is a better thing for clients to do after treatment and offers a much higher success rate. Don’t get me wrong. We do have a lot of clients who are fine without aftercare, but knowing it is there. 

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