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Family Intervention

Family Intervention – Family Intervention is Totally Confidential. Family intervention is a vital part to repairing families who have been broken apart by a family member or loved ones drug or alcohol addiction. We understand families and friends of loved ones want this addiction to stop as they can see the individual is killing themselves, albeit they have tried numerous tactics and strategies to help them, but to no avail. This can put a family to the point of exhaustion, and really not being to take any more  They have run out of options. They don’t know what to do or where to turn to. In some cases at this point the individual may have even asked for help, but in your eyes, it is too late. This is where family intervention comes in.

Family Intervention – Family intervention is where a trained interventionist can liaise with the family, and client in such a way as to get the client to agree they have a life threatening addiction, and to talk then round to the idea of seeking professional help in the form of a residential drug or alcohol rehab. Then a date for help can commence. Intervention gets the client to truly accept they have an addiction, and a life threatening problem which needs addressing.

Family Intervention – Family intervention also lets the client know that they have the full support from the family as long as they want help, and also lets them know that the family will not be supporting the addiction if they wish not to get help. This will be made very clear at a later date by the family who wish to take up this service.

How does intervention work?

Family Intervention – Once you have decided intervention is the way forward for you and your family, then you need to contact us on Tel: 07811 606 606, and will run through the whole process with you. How it works, and what happens.

  • We will ask you about the substance and the amount your loved one is taking
  • Carry out a small assessment in order to find out the clients details
  • Assess the best form of treatment for the client and ways to deal with the addiction.
  • Explain to you in full how intervention works
  • Agree with you the intervention plan and treatment strategies
  • Arrange a good time and place for the intervention to be carried out.
  • Continue to work with the family right through and past recovery

Family Intervention – Intervention is a very powerful tool which brings families and clients to work through addiction together. It tends to be a very positive experience for all parties with good effect.

Family intervention – What we do at the start of intervention

Family Intervention. What we do to start with is to meet for an initial get together. Then and once we all seem happy that we can work together we have a second meeting. In this meeting we discuss your feeling and thoughts about the loved one. Then we all write each other two letters. One letter stating that we will help and support the loved one through their treatment process, and all the emotions and feelings we have for them, and how damaging to us it is to see what they are doing to the life. The  other letter stating if the loved one does not wish to get help and go through treatment and instead wishes to carry on their addiction, we will be happy to see them living on the street.

We then all meet up again.  Then we ask the loved one whether they would be happy for us to read out our letters. We all read out our first letter stating we would give as much help and support throughout their treatment as they needed. If the loved one still refuses treatment. The the family and friends can read out the second letter. This states that they would not support the addiction or them and would be happy to see them homeless. This is a vital part of getting the message across to the loved one. This is also something a family could not do on their own as it really needs an interventionist on hand.

Family Intervention – If you would like any help or advice on any of the above then call our team today on: Tel: 07811 606 606. We are here 24 hours a day and we look forward to your call.