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Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment

drug treatment

Drug Treatment – The first step in any drug treatment is a tailored medical detoxification. This can be carried out at home or more commonly in a drug rehabilitation unit. This is the first part of drug treatment and starts the moment you are admitted into a detoxification unit. A drug rehabilitation centre. This is not painful or uncomfortable as you are administered medication from the start to help with the cravings. Anxiety and any other fears you may be having due to withdrawal and stopping taking the drugs you are addicted to.

Drug Treatment – Most detox units have their own fully qualified nursing team. They will remain with you 24 hours a day. These nurses are also trained to help and support you through the process of detoxification, and the withdrawals you may be going through which medication will be administered for. Massage and acupuncture is also offered along with other relaxation methods in most centres across the UK.


Therapists who are trained in drug and alcohol therapy are also on hand to help and support you through your medical detox. This is normally where the intervention starts with Therapists offering awareness and insight into drug addiction.

Drug Treatment – A drug detox alone in my experience will not genially keep an addict from staying off drugs. All a detox does is removes the substance, in this case drugs, from the body in a medically safe way. Rehabilitation is needed next to complete the process that is if a client wished to stay clean for the rest of their lives.

Therapy helps the client get through the psychological aspects of addiction. This in turn enables them to live the rest of their lives in recovery and live free from addiction.

Drug Treatment – Rehabilitation

Drug Treatment – Rehabilitation starts once the client has finished their detox. For a client to gain control over their addiction rehabilitation is managed through support groups for the client. Family conferences, educational group sessions, learning why they took drugs in the first place. The consequences involved to them and everyone around them. The client needs to be aware of the self-destruction they were causing themselves in their old drug fuelled life and how life now can be so much different for the better.

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