Drug Rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation
Drug rehabilitation. Private rehab centres.

What is drug rehabilitation? it is the team used for the process of medical and psycho therapeutic treatment for individuals who are dependent on drugs, alcohol or any other substances.

Drug rehabilitation private rehabilitation centres.
Drug rehabilitation centres. Private care.

What is Rehabilitation?

What is rehabilitation? Rehabilitation is generally intended to enable an individual to stop their substance abuse from drugs or alcohol or other substances, so as to avoid legal,   physical, social, psychological and financial consequences that are caused due to substance abuse. The way we can help stop this is by the many rehabilitation programs available today. These are broken down into out-patients programs, residential rehabilitation treatment programs, recovery or sober living houses, plus extended care centres.

Drug Rehabilitation – 12 Step Program

As with most centres today the “Enhanced 12 Step Program” is used. The enhanced 12 step programs helps individuals with a history of drug or alcohol addiction re-shape their lives by stopping drugs or alcohol all together. By doing this we also start to change their old everyday habits relating to the individuals addictions. This is a permanent process.

Abstinence from drugs

We all believe in complete abstinence from all drugs and alcohol is the way forward. This will start from the moment the detox begins. We do not believe in moderation as moderation generally leads to relapsing. At the detox stage the rehabilitation centres start to break down denial in the individual with the addiction. Some people claim that moderation is alright, we have found it never has been. This is a very talked about issue throughout rehab centres. I do not know of a drug rehabilitation centre in the UK which feels moderation is the way forward.

So if you are struggling with an addiction, or you know someone who is, and you would like more information or help, then call out team on  call 07811 606 606 we are glad to help. Lines open 24 hours.

Our Rehab Centres

We have five residential rehab centres all based in the UK. All our centres cover all drug addictions and alcohol addictions. We detox clients in a medically safe way. Our clients are in constant care 24 hours a day. We have made sure our programmes are affordable for everyone. We can help clients with their finances if they are struggling. We are always only a phone call away. Talk to us today on 07811 606 606.