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Drug Intervention

Drug Intervention

Drug intervention

Drug Intervention – Getting a loved one to accept they need help can be very difficult in some cases. In cases like this we find we get a lot of calls from families who have become desperate about a loved one’s abuse, and have contacted our team for help. We offer intervention to both families and addicts alike.

How does Family Intervention Work?

Drug Intervention – Family intervention works in a way where a member of our team will either phone or go out and talk to families and to addicts who in a lot of cases have broken all communication. We help and support families, let them understand about addiction, and the fears anxiety often found in these situations. Offered is families and addicts hope as we can help them all. Help the families get the truth from the addict and the addicts come clean about the addiction. This way we can all move forward. This also helps the family understand the impact drugs can have and the behaviour shown by the addict over time, thus rebuilding family and addict relationships and finding them the correct help through rehabilitation.

Help Groups for Families – Drug Intervention

Drug Intervention – There are a number of help groups for families who have a relative with an addiction. By the family really understanding the problems of addiction and what the addict is facing. This will help the family come to terms with the addiction. I think it is fair to say the families will never be happy with the addiction, but learn to live with the fact a family member has an addiction.

Drug Intervention – For more help and advice on intervention or anything discussed on this page, why not call our team on Tel: 0845 3881 543 or Mobiles call 07811 606 606. We are here 24 hours a day and always look forward to your call. All our team are trained to help you.