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Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

drug abuse

Drug Abuse – So how do we class Alcohol or Drug Abuse? This is really quite simple. It is when the client will go to any length to get hold of, and use the substance being abused. You will find from the moment they open their eyes in the morning. Their whole purpose for them would be to get hold and use the drug or alcohol they are addicted to. This to them is more important than anything else including their own family. Plus their own health and well-being  and society in general.

There is nothing else more important in their lives. Regardless of how many times they have been told the harm it is causing them. Even as far as they know it will eventually kill them. The sad thing is, there are general hospitals and mental hospitals all over the country housing individuals. Who have suffered as a direct result of substance abuse. Who are now suffering drug induced psychosis, alcoholism issues, and much more. Most of this could have been avoided had the individual got help. This is available through a drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre or even looked into a home detox.

Drug Abuse – Residential Detox at a Rehab Centre

Drug Abuse – A residential detox at a rehab centre can be anything from 1 week to 3 weeks for their detox, and up to 52 weeks community living, or the norm is anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks in a Residential Rehab treatment centre. Depending on the type of abuse, the substance being abused, the length of abuse, the client’s age, weight, height etc. which will depend on the length of time needed to rehabilitate the individual. This will all be established at the point of the individual’s assessment done by the rehabilitation centre they would be attending.

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