Alcohol Detox – Our staff here at ADUS Healthcare understands your addiction problem, and what you are going through. We would just like to explain what would happen if you call us today. When making your initial enquiry to ADUS Healthcare you will go straight to a member of staff who knows about addiction problems and what you are going through, as we have all been through it as well.

For us to help you we will need to ask you some very simple questions such as your name, first name only. We do not ask for surnames at this stage. Your age, which part of the country you are calling from, and what you drink a day and how much. This will enable us to start giving to some help and advice. You are under no obligation to be treated through ADUS Healthcare.

Details of our Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Detox – If you would like to be admitted to a detox centre through ADUS Healthcare you will be greeted on arrival by the friendly staff, specialist nurses and the specialist general practitioner from the centre, and will go straight for assessment for medication. Medication will start right away and administered as needed. Your stay will be made as comfortable as possible. As with a lot of our centres, we have 24 nursing staff and also support staff along with highly trained counsellors and trained therapists. The counsellors and therapists are there to help you understand all about your alcohol problems, and why and what made you drink in the first place. You will also have the support from the nursing staff who are able to support you through your detox and help you with awareness and educate you on health issues. Not all of our clinics are 24 hours as some are quasi residential which some clients prefer. Please contact us for details on this.

Alcohol Detox – Your alcohol detox will start the second you walk through the door. Our nurses are able to help with the withdrawal you will be suffering from, by administering medicines to make your stay as comfortable as possible. As with all of the clinics across the UK we will administer Librium (Chlordiazepoxide) in reducing doses. We also administer high potency vitamins. These help you to have a safe detox. All detoxes are pain free and are relatively easy to do.

Call our team today on Tel: 0845 3881 543 or Mobiles call 07811 606 606 or email us at We are here 24 hours a day including all bank holidays and weekends. You may wish to look at our addiction forum